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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Naperville Scales Back Red-Light Camera Scheme to Stop Issuing Violations for Right-Turns on Red

In yet another small step toward eliminating the red-light camera schemes across the Chicago metropolitan area, the City of Naperville voted 6-3 on Tuesday to stop issuing violations for alleged right-turn on red.

There are currently three intersections hosting the red-light camera schemes:

  • Route 59 and North Aurora Road
  • Route 59 and Diehl Road
  • Ogden Avenue (Route 34) and Aurora Avenue

City officials, who apparently were trying to cling to the estimated $600,000 annual revenue the right-turn violations generated despite little evidence of any public safety benefit, were rejected by the city council.

Voting to eliminate the right-turn violations:  Dick Furstenau, Doug Krause, Grant Wehrli, Judy Broadhead, Bob Fieseler and Paul Hinterlong.

Voting to KEEP the current red-light camera scheme:  Mayor George Pradel, Kenn Miller and Jim Boyaijan

We commend the Naperville City Council members who voted to stop the exploitation of taxpayers with the right-turn violations for the red-light camera scheme.


Anonymous said...

I just hope the mayor is not in any trouble!

Anonymous said...

6:18 your "origina thinking" is getting very boreing.