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Monday, July 12, 2010

Public Pressure Against Red Light Cameras Forces First Steps of Change

As red-light camera schemes have been deployed by various government entities under the excuse of "public safety" the increased public outrage and pressure to undo the cameras seems to be making some progress.

Effective January 1, every alleged violation will be required to be verified by an actual person and made available to view online.  Government entities will also not be allowed to charge extra for contesting the red light camera scheme violations.

However, the most important change involves stopping the practice of issuing violations where a driver may go slightly over the intersection's white line.  Violations would only be issued if they enter the intersection.

Many more changes could be ahead if public pressure against elected officials continues.


Anonymous said...

Many of the "problems" that Openline is complaining about have already been addressed.
I saw a "red light" presentation by Chief Thomas and I see why they are needed and he explained how they are read and enacted.
Absolutely nothing wrong with the "red light" program after watching how so people drive and the accidents they cause.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend get one. He knew exactly what day and what intersection he got it for. He knew at the time he was busted.

So what's the problem, hillbillies?

Anonymous said...

The problem is they are really used as revenue generators first and safety devices second. Law enforcement should not be used for generating revenue... ever. Once we are on that slippery slope there's no telling where we will stop.

Anonymous said...

20 reasons to oppose photo radar:

Anonymous said...

I don't know if revenue generation or safety is the "primary reason" for the cameras. It doesn't matter.
If a cop arrests a murder suspect, I won't complain if his primary motivation is to get a promotion. It doesn't matter.

When I cross an intersection on a green light, I want cross traffic stopped. If the city gets some revenue too, that's fine.

Scott said...

I just received a red light ticket in the mail last night and was horrified by the soulless-ness of it. A robot camera and a computer printout mailed to me — no sign of human involvement at all, telling me that a rolling stop at a right turn on a red light, well before any opposing traffic could reach me, was a crime worthy of a $100 fine. If a cop had been there and made that judgement call I might be okay with it now, but this notion of automated justice just sickens me, and should sicken everyone else too.