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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dan Rostenkowski


Ralph said...

Goodbye Dan, you POS, it is my hope that every retired,(Deceased), police officer met you and escorted you to your place in hell.

Sgt Ralph (retired).

There is over 300 co-sponsers to repeal your bill that takes away Social Security from Police , Fireman, and teachers. and its being held up in committee by another member under indictment.

Anonymous said...

Good, another pension ends - yes!!!

Hey public employees, how does it feel knowing now tax payers are starting to cheer your deaths?

Anonymous said...

I hope he and "ol Teddy" are having fun trying to scam the devil. Care to tell him about your pro abortion stance now Teddy?

Anonymous said...

8:24 - The only one who cheers someones death would be another piece of shit like you.

Anonymous said...

9:55 Well Sgt Ralph is one too, but the point is, people now are happy when a teacher, cop, fire fighter, mayor, city worker dies prematurely, we have to pay less. The message, you have abused the public fro too long, now we hope you die.