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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed or Banned?


Anonymous said...

MMM, MMM, MMM. Can't wait to legalize these muff divers so they can get all their benefits from the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and don't exclude the fudgepackers either.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is the most unhealthy and dangerous of all sexual practices. Why does the FDA not allow men who have EVER had sex with men to donate blood (the FDA have asked MSM to defer from being blood donors since 1977)? Because it is dangerous to the entire country's blood supply. Go to MSM have increased risk of Hepatitis B 5-6 times more common than heterosexuals. Risks for HIV is 60 times higher than the general population, 800 times higher than 1st time blood donors, 8,000 times higher than repeat blood donors. MSM is the largest single group of blood donors who are HIV positive. BTW, the FDA also ask people who have ever engaged in sex for money or drugs to defer donating blood as well because their risk is great but not as great as MSM. So now to be politically correct the Democrats are going to promote and normalize the most dangerous sexual behaviors known to man and try to indoctrinate the entire nation and try to criminalize all those who will not embrace homosexuality and will speak out against this perversed, unhealthy behavior. They could care less about "marriage" and "tolerance", they want to ram this abberant behavior down our (and our kids) throats figuratively and literally. They will tell you it is about hate and homophobia but that is a lie it is about them "transforming America".

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, bigots like the three preceding commentators have already lost, they just don't know it yet.

Americans under 30 are overwhelming in favor of legalizing gay marriage (roughly 65% for to 35% against). It's inevitable that it will be once the old bigots finally die off. Now, hopefully it will happen before then, but regardless, the time is coming.

Anonymous said...

The fact that 60% of those under 30 approve of immoral activities is proof positive of the failure of public education and the GREEDY TEACHERS UNIONS. Might I remind you the same thing happend before the fall of the great civilization in ROME 1800 years ago. Looks like we just can't learn from history...especially if it isn't taught. Same thing will happen here.

Anonymous said...

A Gibbon-esque "moral decay" argument? Do you also buy into Gibbon's assertion that the adoption of Christianity was part of the downfall of Rome?

In the majority of European countries, Canada and New Zealand, gay marriage (or nationally-recognized civil unions with the difference only in name) are legal. Is it your contention that they are somehow "in decline" as compared to America?

How do you define "morality," anyway? If you want it taught in schools, what are your starting axioms?

Anonymous said...

One of the things that always amazes me about this argument, is that it's wrong. Marriage is always between a man and a woman. Then the man cheats on the woman or vice-versa. Not all the time, but enough that we know about it day to day. Our kids see that. What are they supposed to think? That it's ok?

And what about all those Christians that wear the cloth and have been caught or jailed for pedophilia? Do you then tell your kids that they shouldn't go to church? Do you stop them from going to public schools?

For two people in love to want the ability to be married is as natural a thing. Sure it's not for everyone, but why should we step in and tell them what to do? What gives us the right?

Lastly. Schools are to help our children to learn and grow. However. If you, as a parent, aren't involved in your child's life and can openly talk about the things that either bother you or make you comfortable, then shame on you. Our children are thought to be extensions of ourselves, yet, really they are of their own mind and body, and much to our dismay sometimes will do things that we don't or won't like. But. They are still our children, and I for one, will love them just as much no matter what decision they make. I certainly don't expect, or want, my child's school to enforce teaching them things that I should be helping them with, ever.