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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Change 2011 | City of Aurora Eliminates Office of Special Events

The City of Aurora will eliminate the Office of Special Events, which operates events such as Downtown Alive, Blues on the Fox and Holiday Magic, starting with 2011's budget.

The approximate $882,000 annual budget will be used toward the current deficit.  Instead of city-run events, Aurora will work with private organizations to try and host events in the future.

Gina Moga, who is the current Director of Special Events, is one of two employees after it was cut from four employees the year before.

The city's law department, under so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz, increased staffing levels the last two years.  Its budget is about a million dollars and spends hundreds of thousands on outside law firms.


Anonymous said...

There are more than 2 employees in that department. I'm sure that the mayor won't layoff either Gina Moga or Liz Deleon as one is a fundraiser for him and the other is married to Rosario, the mayor's goto man.

Anonymous said...

John Banbury retired from the City and is now being paid almost $200 an hour to do Alayne's work for her. The mayor's cronies' firms in Chicago are getting almost $400 an hour, plus drive time to get here and back home to the city. Why do we have Alayne? What does she know about the Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Very good point 10:08am, what does Alayne have on Weisner that she has such job security after screwing up so much?

Anonymous said...

Openline = anything agaisnt Kifowit, Hart-Burns, Juany Garza and the City Attorney.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that Gina will just be office and new title. Weisner uses her to much. His way is just a slight of make us think the jobs have been eliminated, and really aren't.