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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election 2010 Results | America Slaps President Obama with Change; Kirk Defeats Giannoulias, Hultgren Beats Foster...Gov Race on the Edge

Obama gets blasted by American people

Republicans takeover the House

Mark Kirk explains what needs to be dealt with

Bill Brady on counting all the votes

Pat Quinn hopes he's won

Analysis of Illinois by Bernard Schoenburg

CSPAN's Profile of the 14th Congressional District Race

And the projected winners are...

(please note all results are unofficial unless stated otherwise by the election authority)

Aurora (except DuPage) | DuPage County | Kane County | Kendall County | Will County


Governor of Illinois:  Too Close to Call

14th Congressional District:  Randy Hultgren

U.S. Senate Race:  Mark Kirk

Illinois State Treasurer:  Dan Rutherford

Illinois Comptroller:  Judy Baar Topinka

Illinois Secretary of State:  Jesse White

Illinois Attorney General:  Lisa Madigan

Illinois State Senate:  Chris Lauzen

Kane County Clerk:  Jack Cunningham

Kane County Treasurer:  David Rickert

Kane County Sheriff:  Pat Perez (projected)

Kane County District 7:  Monica Silva defeats Gerry Jones

10th Congressional District:  Robert Dold

11th Congressional District:  Adam Kinzinger

13th Congressional District:  Judy Biggert

United States House of Representatives:  Republican

Illinois State Rep 48th District:  Michael Connelly

Illinois State Rep 49th District:  Tim Schmitz

Illinois State Rep 50th District:  Kay Hatcher

Illinois State Rep 84th District:  Tom Cross

Illinois State Rep 96th District:  Darlene Senger

Naperville votes to requires term limits (3) for city council and mayor

Naperville votes to create 5 wards/districts and 3 at-large seats for city council

Naperville voters overwhelmingly on referendum on pension reform

Kendall County Sheriff:  Richard Randall


Anonymous said...

Did anyone in Aurora vote for the remaining term for US Senate or did the Aurora Election Commission screw up?

Anonymous said...

Got rid of one GTREEDY UNION lovin commie. Bye, bye mr foster.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Bill Foster and Gerry Jones gone, but it would be unfortunate if we are stuck with another 4 years of Pat Quinn.

Anonymous said...

Weisner lost big he had a robo call to all the homes in Jerry Jones district. Sure seems he has no influence anymore when a guy like Art Velaquez can run Silva's campaign and get her elected. Silva for Mayor

Anonymous said...

Aurora voted for Foster +8000 votes. This city is done for.

Anonymous said...

The Aurora Election did not mess it up for the remaining term. I live in Aurora and Foster sure did not get my vote

Anonymous said...

Weisner & Chapa did not get enough loser democrats out. Foster hung his hat on that. These two losers cost him the election. The rest of the areas were heavy GOP. Aurora just can't get out the vote.

Anonymous said...

Sad that people voted for the party that's going to kill any attempt at actual recovery. Then again, no one ever went broke underestimating American intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Fosters out along with rest of the odious garbage. Im sure MR. Hultgren will hold real meetings and not some phoney phone meetings.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that any of you think this is really going to change anything. Washington has been screwed up for a lot more than the last couple of years. And Springfield is just as bad. So who is going to supposedly fix Washington? Someone who's been in Springfield for a dozen years, and someone who's actually been IN Washington for years and hasn't fixed it yet. And then in two more years, things won't have changed much. Oh, the economy of course will be better because it's already improving now. The health care bill will have been tweaked but not repealed, because there are too many elements in it that the people want. I'm sure more people will have jobs, because now that the election is over the corporations who wanted the Republicans to win will start hiring again. (Isn't it funny that all these corporations couldn't afford to hire people, yet could afford to spend millions and millions of dollars on the election? And of course on their CEOs salaries, bennies, etc.)

Anonymous said...

The corporate donations are no worse than the GREEDY UNIONS donating their members hard earned (ha, ha) dollars to the public corruption pot. All these COMMIE UNION HEADS floating in and out of the RED HOUSE In Washington giving rotten advice and carting off tons and tons of the publics dollars in scummy deals.