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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Images | West Aurora Bandorama

Rene Zerfas, a sophomore at West Aurora High School, plays the sousapaphone at the annual Bandorama.

Please support local school activities and appreciate our youth's participation.

(photo courtesy of West Aurora High School)


Anonymous said...

West High used to have a fantastic marching band. Then, Sierakowski took over, and the band has steadily gone downhill. This last season was a joke. Most of the performance was a group of kids pretending to play baseball or pretending to fight. What either has to do with a true marching band is unknown.
The lines and rows were uneven, marchers were out of step and the flag twirlers couldn't stay together and in time at all. Time to end the failed experiment and put someone qualified in charge: Patty Sampson. She is a class act and knowledgeable to boot.

Anonymous said...

Rick Lawerance have a kid in the band.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the quality of the band? The kids are having FUN, and that's all some people (like administrators) care about. As long as the director is willing to kiss bigwigs' behinds it doesn't matter how they look or sound.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lawrence, I support local school activities through my property taxes. Isn't that enough?

Anonymous said...

No, you should go to their events and encourage them as a spectator and patron.