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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

West Aurora School District 129 and Indian Prairie School District 204 Crackdown on Out-of-District Students | What About East Aurora School District 131?

Motivated by the State of Illinois fiscal crisis and school funding problems, various local school districts are cracking down on out-of-district students who are not truly residents of the district, but claim a residence to be able to attend those particular schools.

West Aurora School District 129 and Indian Prairie School District 204 have been actively pursuing efforts, including site visits and investigations.  District 204 students in middle and high school can't get their class schedules without providing proof of residency.

When out-of-district students attend the schools, the rest of district taxpayers absorb the cost of educating the students.

So, it got us wondering...what about East Aurora School District 131, which has been in a crisis in recent years?

Are students who live in District 131 trying to find ways to get into one of the two neighboring districts, District 129 and District 204?

Are students who live in District 129 or District 204 trying to get into District 131 schools?

While East Aurora School District 131 has undergone a major shift in its school board from the status-quo crowd of the past, it will take time for bold changes to show academic improvement.

Make no mistake...the success of the East Aurora School District is critical for residents of the west and far east portions of Aurora for the community to progress.

However, how common is this problem and to what extent should school districts stop it?


Anonymous said...

The East Aurora School Board in recent months has started pushing back they stopped the Terra Oaks development and the Alderman did support the schools. Better than the Bigelow development of the past that did not pay the District causing Allen school to have a enrollment over 1000 students. But no wonder students would want to go to less crowded school so 129 & 204 needed to push back as well. Remember the East Aurora schools just expanded every building in the district with between 8 to 24 classrooms per building. This is a Alderman problem kifowhit, is the worst of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

How many of the students are from Illegals???? Theres the real problem with everything in Aurora. We need to crack down on Illegals and no longer be a sanctuary city. That would solve a lot of Auroras problems.

Anonymous said...

The city can't pay their workers but they can sink 3 million in a day care center to help more illegals. I also heard East Aurora was willing to build the day care center but Weisner would not donate the land. Shows Nit-whit & Whanny is she Illegal herself does nothing in their wards. Lawerance for Mayor

Anonymous said...

East Aurora Does not need to crack down on out of district students. East Aurora sucks, the students are leaving East and going to those other schools.

Anonymous said...

Have the alderman push through a ordinance saying that over three children on the school books then so much is added to the tax bill for each child.

Anonymous said...

Kifowit, Irvin, Saville, Weisner, O'Connor, Mervine, Peters, Garza, Hart-Burns are known illegal alien lovers.

Anonymous said...

The west side has plenty of illegals too, so that's not the main reason why a lot of us don't want our kids in D131 schools.

The main problem with D131 is the ADMINISTRATION. Ever since "Serial Bully" Radakovich and his cronies gave the community the middle finger almost 6 years ago, the district has had a negative reputation. All anyone has to do to find out what happened back in 2005 is to Google a few keywords like "Kaisershot", "band", and "Aurora". Some of the administrators responsible for that fiasco are still in power and very much capable of further damage. And although "Serial Bully" Radakovich is technically no longer working in D131, he is collecting a fat pension at taxpayers' expense AND very much involved in mentoring D131 administrators in his new job on the faculty of Aurora University.

Also, the ONLY reason D131 was able to pass a referendum in 2008 had nothing to do with community support--it was because public housing residents turned out to vote in the Presidential election, and while they were in the voting booth voted to raise property taxes they knew THEY wouldn't have to pay.

Anonymous said...

It is unfair to say the East Aurora schools are bad.The city created the schools. I graduated from d131 in 1978 and received a great education. Many families back then were Catholic and large. The schools are so big now I don't even recognize them. The city is not enforcing housing codes and bring to many social free services to the East Side. That brings in many low income Spanish speakers. I recently visited Waldo the kids barely fit in the class. If every building was expanded then why are the building out of space. Most East Aurora neighborhoods have seen no new building or taxes. Once again it is the city not the school.

Anonymous said...

9:49 needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

The district does need to crack down on out of district students. To think they don't have any is crazy they have people babysitting children that don't live in the district but they are taken care of here and go to the schools. Some of the administration say our overcrowding is because of migration but that is not true they might migrate but it is within the district. This district gave up alot many years ago because the wouldn't bus and lost a lot because of that. We are land locked and yet the district still brings in the low income because the State and Federal government give them money for that which they really don't use for the education of the students.

District 131 is more about promoting one person agenda for his own group and even hired some to assist him in doing that. We have overcrowded classrooms and a superintendent that says teachers aides do not help in helping in the classrooms. In fact the board doesn't think that the administration needs to bring in data that proves that any of their programs are working and on example is the Magnet Program.

Our administration has the newest phones so they can keep in touch with each other but our classrooms are overcrowded and the teachers have to bring in their own supplies.

When did our district expand buildings? Maybe a few got new classrooms but not all.

As far as enforcing housing laws shouldn't the district be going to the city and talking about that like the other districts in the city? This district doesn't want to make waves with anything because someone might look into how they really run the district. What other district lets a PR person run the district and his own group at the same time.

Anonymous said...

As far as bigelow the district knew that would be a problem but they went along with the Mayor thinking they would get that piece of crap land that wasn't worth anything.

Anonymous said...

All of the East Aurora building did get expanded just drive around and see in fact they passed a building bond referendum in 2001 for 32 million and now a referendum in 2008 for education of 35 million. Do not make allegations that the residents do not support the schools. Over crowding is a city issue. Soon the last remaining Board member that voted on Bigalow will be out. This new Board has made major improvements but it will take years to fix the damages of the past.

Anonymous said...

From the D131 blog:

Is Superintendent Roberts clueless or what? Here's what he said at the November 1st board meeting:

"In order for the academic performance of students to be enhanced, a teacher assistant would need to be as qualified as the teacher"


WRONG. In mainstream classes, most teacher assistants help with classroom management (passing out supplies, handling bathroom breaks, discipline, etc.) so the teacher can concentrate on actually TEACHING our kids. Students receive more actual instructional time when their teacher is freed from having to deal with non-academic issues.

Dr. Roberts' comment proves that he is disconnected from what actually goes on in real classrooms in this district. Just one more example of the ivory-tower mentality of administrators in D131!

Anonymous said...

In fact I don't think the district will bet anything except more students from the Bigelow deal since he hasn't sold to many homes. Rumor has it too that there are a lot of section eights in there and that means even more students.

I do agree that the city is partly to blame. They made the landlord law but people still rent out rooms in their homes to people and let families live in the basements.
We do have a lot of empty homes in the district which should mean some of the families that lived there moved somewhere else and from what I hear the children still go to our district.

Anonymous said...

District 131 administration:

Making choices for ARROGANCE.

Anonymous said...

About the teacher assistants--why not survey the parents to find out how THEY feel about whether an aide improves their child's educational experience?

But it makes too much sense for administration to get parents' input. They'd much rather put our tax money towards their own pet projects (like fancy i-phones or another PR person) while our students and their teachers go without.

Making choices for arrogance, AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a student in D204, we've had many hispanic parents trying to get their kids into our school district while living in D131. Of course they are denied, so now these mexican parents are filing a class action suit against D204 based on racism.

Anonymous said...

Why not. It usually works.

Anonymous said...

Parents of D131 should come to the meetings and voice their opinions of the survey about the teachers aids. Let them know about the survey. Even if there is a survery, how many will fill it out and send it back? D204 should not have to take those students unless they pay that districts tution for what it takes to go to that school if there is room for them? Even though D204 is in Aurora, is it in Kane or DuPage county and would this make a difference?

Anonymous said...

The people make it what it is. Nobody else!!! The people are garbage so are the school.

Anonymous said...

Parents go to a meeting are you joking. This debate on aides was been going on for the last two meetings and not one parent got up and spoke or went to a meeting. The majority of parents can't read any better than their child if at all. I may not always agree with the Board/administrators/teachers but they are doing the work of parent. Plain and simply teachers-parents of this District could care less if the children are taught in classes of 50 plus children. All parents care about is the free shoes, coats, gloves and food that the District provides its child.

Anonymous said...

I know some parents of D131 kids who do go out of their way to help their kids do their best. There are programs available throughout our community to enrich kids' educational experience. Specifically:

--after-school tutoring and homework help at several grade schools, some of which are assisted by parent volunteers

--activities at the public library (all 3 branches) for students in preschool through teen years

--Park District classes (art, dance, drama) at relatively low cost

--some churches offer arts & sports programs (for example, First Presbyterian's "Neighborhood Arts Centre" provides music lesson scholarships for underprivileged kids)

Many of our district's families ARE taking advantage of programs like these! My own kids participated in the library reading program and the Park District's drama classes. 9:24 is just plain ignorant, not to mention hateful.