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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Andre Salles Exits the Evil Beacon-News and Old Media | An Invitation to Express Yourself

Andre Salles, our favorite "zombie" reporter covering Aurora's City Hall for the local fishwrap (aka "The Beacon-News" or "Beconfused as it's more accurately known as), is finally exiting the old media world and trying to latch on to our new media world with new opportunities.  His final day at the fishwrap is Friday.

Contrary to what some may believe, we have nothing personal against Andre Salles.  Some of his reporting over the years has been insufficient and doesn't tell the full story.  He tells people it's because of his editors, not him.  There may be some truth to that because he's had some of the worst editors in media history with Mike Cetera, Dave Parro and John Russell.

Some of Andre's stories have been better than others.  When he asks tough questions and challenges elected officials, he usually comes across as a better writer.

Andre, like many people, is opinionated.  From what we can tell, he's not a bad guy, but he's just been misguided at times by the elected officials in our area that have a vested interest to control him and the incompetent editors he's worked with.

So now, we've been asked to consider inviting Andre to write for OpenlineBlog.  Not necessarily as a reporter, but to give him the opportunity to periodically express himself about the city, politics, music or whatever.  Maybe we call it Andre - uplugged.  Or, Andre - unhinged.

Some of our most loyal viewers, many of whom deplore the Beacon-News for being the worst community newspaper in America, would not like the idea of Andre Salles being on OpenlineBlog (yes, we know he already posts comments frequently).

However, we practice what we preach and want people to express their views, regardless if they agree with us and perhaps now that Andre will be released from the shackles of the deteriorating Beacon-News, he may be able to approach issues better.

In any case, we're extending to Andre the OpenlineBlog invitation to contribute his views, ideas and thoughts to a much bigger and more diverse audience than he is used to.  If Andre shows the courage to step forward and enter the arena, we request our viewers to welcome him and give him the opportunity to express himself.

And, as always, we invite others to do the same.  We encourage perspectives, views and ideas from anyone who believes they can help change, improve and make things better.  We urge everyone to respect each other's view, but also challenge those views where necessary.

Good luck Andre Salles.  You've been officially invited to join the good side from the dark side of media.

May the force be with you.


Anonymous said...

Okay which do you want? Do you want Salles to join the good side, and have a large and diverse audience, or do you want him to join OpenlineBlog? Because OpenlineBlog's audience is NOT diverse and not that large. The vast majority of the posts are from the same small group of people. And of course forget diversity, because any post that shows the hypocrisy of the unidentified coward that runs this blog gets deleted, while any post that slams Kifowit, Weisner, or Weingartz, or praises Lawrence (in either case accurate/truthful or not) stays.

Anonymous said...

Talk about hypocrisy. Openline in it's article said they have nothing personal against Andre but for years have called him a zombie. Openline, grow up!

Anonymous said...

How long before Wiesner announces Andre Salles as the new downtown Media relations person in charge of covering the incompetent tracks of Katterman and Moga? Or maybe Andre will be hired to run the Roundhouse. Or maybe yet, he will be the Mayors driver to and from Ballydoyle.

Anonymous said...

Just finish the outstanding probe at the AHA before you leave. Don't let the challenge issues get lost in the schuffle. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

10:55 -- couldn't agree more. I've asked dozens and dozens and dozens of Aurora citizens if they ever even HEARD of OLB. Not one person has even heard of this blog.

It truly is the same set of middle-upper class, white, west-siders who follow Lawrence blindly the post over and over.

Andre, you're dumb as shit. But please don't waste your time here.

Anonymous said...

Andre might as well have been a ciy hall spokesperson. He believed whatever they told him and published their press releases as if they were news.

The Beacon News is no longer a newspaper. It only survives because there is no competition.

Anonymous said...

So where o where is Andre

Anonymous said...

Cetera's leaving, too!

Anonymous said...

Fishwrap? How old ARE you?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Andre will be popping up in an Aurora city government position now. Just watch and see.