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Friday, December 17, 2010

City of Aurora Makes Deal with AFSCME Local 3298 to Guarantee No Layoffs in 2011 at Taxpayer Expense

The City of Aurora's finance and human resources representatives as well as the 174 full and part-time support staff employees of the City of Aurora who make up AFSCME Local 3298 (Association of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees) are fortunate the taxpayers of Aurora weren't in the negotiation room for a deal to "guarantee" no layoffs in 2011 despite the fiscal crisis, reduced operations and services.

As the city council considers shoving a tax increase upon the taxpayers of Aurora to pay for wild spending, taxpayers would not likely have agreed to either the administration or AFSCME's view.  The concept of saving public employee jobs, as noble as that may sound, is not the purpose of funding city government or the responsibility of taxpayers.  And, the reason the administration is targeting labor costs is because the city council refuses to stop wild spending in other areas.  Some labor costs are necessary, but the city council's wild spending over the years on many blunders has proven to be wasteful.

This latest deal, at taxpayer expense, involves a choice of taking 12 unpaid furlough days (which keeps pension costs high for taxpayers) or not taking a 2% raise and instead taking 6 unpaid furlough days.  Either way, taxpayers will continue to see wild spending AND labor costs continue to rise in 2011.

The same "deal" was also made with an 18 employee union representing supervisors.

The city says pension costs are partly responsible for the fiscal crisis, so these deals guarantee no reduction in pension costs and insure more costs for pensions, health insurance and benefits at taxpayer expense for years to come.


Anonymous said...

sounds like your poll was worded by the bearded leader, or misspokesperson carrie anne. furlough days amount to the requested 10% reduction in wages asked of the members of afscme 3298. they have done their part to avoid an increase in property taxes, most of whom pay as well.
wages and benefits paid to the members of 3298 were negotiated in good faith with the city. there has never been a strike threatening a shut down of city services, so it's obvious the city had no problem with the contract negotiated. the city employees however make a good scape goat when the money is gone. the taxpayers are more than willing to beleive the bearded leader when he throws his arms in the air and cries not my fault.

Anonymous said...

The Whizz is blaming the state for the high pension costs stating that the state is in control. WTF I thought AURORA was a home rule city. What good is home rule if you cannot control your costs?

Anonymous said...

The Communist party has its eye on whats left of the Democrats so you can only expect things to get worse if they are not stopped.

Anonymous said...

The State of Illinois sets pension benefits for municipal police and fire. While the state sets the benefit levels, local governments must pay the bill.

That is why the Illinois General Assembly is so willing to increase police and fire pension benefits. They do not pay the bill, they send it to the local taxpayers.

The state legislators receive campaign contributions from the police and fire unions as a reward for their efforts and the local taxpayers get the bill.

Home rule is not an absolute power.

ddddc said...

The Aurora Police union gives NO MONEY to any downstate legislators.

Anonymous said...

Aurora, We can do better.

We should ask why we are forced to pass a budget that realize on Tax Hikes and cut to public safety. We need leaders, not people that just want to hold on to a position.

We need fighters to help the people not tax the people more and more, with government spending out of control.

The powers too be a say there hike taxes will have no effect on the local home owner; do to the drop in value to the homes. Their taxes will stay the same.

I ask then why are we increasing a tax to home owners by 2.5 % When will we put a stop to this.

With people losing their jobs and homes, families on the brink of calamity how can we do this to our friends and neighbors?


Aurora, We need “A Better Way” and that way starts today!

BACK MATT HARRINGTON, Aurora's Write-In Candidate for Alderman at Large in the April 5, 2011 Election

Aurora’s Write-In Candidate
Matt Harrington
Alderman at Large

Anonymous said...

Without some of the departments within the 3298 union that work on the streets and attempt to keep your neighborhoods clean, healthy and safe, you might just see more of these neighborhoods go downhill. I agree that the employees of union 3298 are being used as scapegoats for the unneccessary deficit and I also agree the citizens should not have to pay for the fault of the "higher-ups" failure to spend wisely, but please, to all the citizens, do not look poorly on the union members who are trying deperately to keep their employment so they too can pay their Aurora taxes, feed their families and pay their bills. I guarantee, if any one of you were one of these union members, you too would agree to the same contract.

Anonymous said...

7:40 I agree with you to a point. However once again your GREEDY UNION leaders and idiot city fathers have done you a disservice by colluding on a bad plan that will enevetably lead to disaster for someone.