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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Election 2011 Aurora | Mike Saville's Challenge to Knock Off 6th Ward Challenger Isaac Count De Money Wilson Unanimously Rejected; Richard Irvin and Judd Lofchie Fail to Knock Each Other Out, Matt Harrington Exits and Kevin Matthews Coasts Into At-Large Race

The Aurora Election Commission met on Wednesday to review objections to various candidacies in two key city council races for 2011.


Mike Saville, who has in the seat longer than the internet existed, is once again seeking another seat, but with his health issues, status-quo near west side ward and a voting record of tax increases and wild spending, he's not only vulnerable, but beatable according to many.

Enter Isaac Count De Money Wilson, a small business owner, who has received a lot of attention due to his name, which in fact, is his legal birth name.  Regardless, Saville frivolously objected with the help of attorney John Duggan.  The Aurora Election Commission didn't buy the objections and unanimously rejected Saville's objection.

Wilson, who says he's in it to win it and is taking direct aim at the fiscal record of Saville and lack of progress in the ward, is running full-speed ahead.  Meanwhile, Saville, who is running scared, is talking about a legal challenge.  He should probably be paying more attention to whether he's going to vote next week for the 2011 budget's proposed tax rate increase.


Kevin Matthews is the only candidate who was able to complete his petitions properly and without anyone's objection.  However, the other three candidates all have had problems and one of them, Matt Harrington, has been knocked off the ballot...for now.  He says he may pursue legal action on the question of residency.

The other two candidates are incumbent Richard Irvin and challenger Judd Lofchie, both attorneys who challenged each other on legal mistakes with their petitions.  The Aurora Election Commission voted to reject objections to both their candidacies.


* Attorney David Camic technically appeared on behalf of objector Peggy Hicks, but was practically acting for Irvin.  Camic failed to knock out Lofchie.

* Board of Election Commissioners include Mike McCoy, Leah Anderson and Lillian Perry.


Anonymous said...

We will still BACK MATT, I have hear that Matt Harrington will file as a write-In Candidate and not waste money in the courts,

If so we the Aurora Police Offices, Firefighters, Local Labor and Postal Carriers Unions will BACK MATT.

Matt Harrington has came to us asking for our support, he has taken the time to meet with us and as a Cop here in Aurora he has went on ride along to see what really goes on and how hard we each and everyday to help protect the citizens of Aurora.

So Go Matt Go. We the People of Aurora need an honest man like you.

Your Pals and fans from.
Aurora's APPO and Aurora's Firefighters Local 99.

Anonymous said...

I hope Saville's challenger has time, brains and money because it is time for Saville to go. He should fall on the sword graciously. after helping to mismange this city for so long!

Anonymous said...

Saville's time to leave has come. He has tried for 26 years but has accomplished little. Yes he has repaved his streets and established SSA'a to pay for lighting projects. Look at his Ward after 26 years it is not a place that I would ever raise my kids. Area around Hill school and West Park are are still gang infested nightmares. He has not addressed the issue.
He has worked on his River walk idea for 26 years at one point someone has to ask, where is it? Mike has supported every failed spending projected that has come before him.
He's a nice guy and wants to do his best but does not have a sense of what to do or when to say no.

He has been there long enough it someone else's time.

Anonymous said...

Saville is spineless and needs to go he is a nice guy but afraid to stand up to the Mayor. I don't know Wilson but unseating Mike would send the other alderman a message same with Whitey, Richard and Schuler. Of course no one ran against Nit-whit that is why she, Burns and Garza have the worst wards in Aurora. The residents are zero's

Anonymous said...

Mike Saville should give it up gracefully. But to him being Alderman is like being King. No common financial sense.

Also He and Abby? hooked up jobs with Baum Property- not to intimidate inspections? That is the whole worth to a property management company. ETHICS ANYONE??

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mike S has to live with some of the stupid laws he helped writer the last few years. He can't intimidate the inspectors, no one can. THey are the goofiest, disgruntled bunch in the city and they don't respect Saville. I know because I have asked them.

Anonymous said...

How about some information on the fella running against Whitey. I would like Peters out but we need some information.

Anonymous said...

All I need to know about the guy running against Whitey, is he isn't Whitey.
I'll vote for anyone but Whitey.

Anonymous said...

If your job is on the line,you have to be nuts to not listen to Mike Saville. Mike owns inspections.
You have no idea how much staff time and postage go into his ward "Cleanup" then proudly announced weekly in a letter to the Editor. A Alderman with testicular fortitude would have hit the streets with announcements-or had ward commitee members do it.

The sixth Ward looks like Shit-but lets spend more millions on designs for the Riverwalk.

Take a good look at his friends and family who found jobs with Developments he pushed. It is sad.

Why do you think Former Alderman at large Jim Meisch quickly pled to one count????? He was a good man- he could have sunk the ship!!!

Anonymous said...

Dean Myles is a police officer in Itasca, (I think). He is very concerned that we NEVER see Whitey who spends his time being invisible and being a rubber stamp for Weisner. When Dean did his petition canvas, he asked people in the 5th ward if they knew who Whitey Peters was vast majority said they never had ever seen the guy, most said they wouldn't even recognize him if they saw him. I know for a fact he ignores and does not return people's calls.

Whitey sat in the City Council meeting during the Aurora Auxscheiwz fiasco with his arms folded and his back to the citizens disrepecting them as they spoke. He sat there like a total jerk collecting my tax dollars being paid to represent the people of the 5th Ward, (he did not have to agree but he totally disrespected his constituents who pay his salary). I firmly believe Weisner lied when he said he had no idea PP baby butchers were coming to town. Whitey said it was no big deal even though they lied (committed fraud)on all the permit paper work and at the city zoning committee hearing. All the business people in town knew they have had to jump hoops in this city and would never been allowed to build an outhouse let alone a monstrosity of a medical facility if they had lied on their paperwork and to the city. Throw the bum out. I will be voting for Dean and encouraging everyone I know to do so as well.

Anonymous said...

Matt Harrington. He is a loser. He cheated on Karen Watson. He always like dressing up as a prostitute. He always uses the word "fuck" in every sentence. He does not have money. He loves to do revenge people who are against him. Do we want a 2nd Hitler in our country? Stop supporting Matt. Kick him out of Aurora! He always promises on the moon!