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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fox Valley Park District Increases Taxpayer Debt to Fund So-Called Grant for City of Aurora's Proposed River's Edge Park

As the City of Aurora floats a possible tax rate increase due to a fiscal crisis and massive deficits, the proposed River's Edge Park in downtown is expected to continue despite the fiscal situation due to various so-called "grants" the city is expected to receive.

One of those so-called grants is coming from the Fox Valley Park District.  However, viewers have reported to us that it's not that the Fox Valley Park District has funds sitting around to give to the City of Aurora, but that it will use funds from bonds and create taxpayer debt to fund the so-called grant.

Meanwhile, prior to the election, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn also offered another so-called grant of $8 million.  Some proponents of the park are saying this shows no taxpayer money is being spent.

However, where does the Fox Valley Park District and State of Illinois get their funds?  Pluto?

No, it's all taxpayer funds.

This is for a park that was supposed to raise private funds.


Anonymous said...

All of the people in this article are BRAIN DEAD.

Anonymous said...

Look how is on the Fox Valley Park District Board Rose Smilgys, Bill Thompson & Nancy Hopp are truly brain dead. Dan Barrierro is part of the Leisner group that drove the city into the deep dark hole they will never get out of. He is Brain dead all he can do is nod his head up and down for Leisner. Gillespe is a long time Liesner crony who built the Urban League off donations from Leisner cronies that were shaken down. Lets not forget the Alternative School program that shakes down local school districts and city residents. Last year Leisner gave $250,000 to this program. Why is the City running a Alternative School? Paul Greviskas the loser who can never get elected only appointed. His accomplishments are costing tax payers more money with the recent township mess he created. So why would they not give Leisner more money they owe him.

Anonymous said...

We sold the riverfront to Waubonsee for a dollar because they were to complete that area as part of the riverwalk.

Why did we also have to pay almost a million dollars to do that section??

Who is benefiting from the WCC project? Not Aurora.

Anonymous said...


yes all the illegals who are getting college educations on our dime are benefiting!

Anonymous said...

IN addition to being brain dead they are also suspect in their financial dealings with the city father.