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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Illinois General Assembly and Gov Pat Quinn Focus Priorities on Civil Unions Instead of Fiscal Crisis

Forget the State of Illinois fiscal crisis...just like most of the Illinois politicians we collectively have elected.

Instead, focus on civil unions for gay couples.  The Illinois House voted on Tuesday to approve civil unions (see above video) and now the Illinois Senate has voted 32-24 (see roll call / pdf).

Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-Aurora, questioned, "Why civil unions now? when the state reels from high unemployment, home foreclosures, a huge state debt and social services in disarray.

"We are the incompetence laughing stock of government mismanagement and misplaced priorities, and our one-party (Democratic) leadership spends our time on homosexual civil union," Lauzen said.

Some Democrats didn't vote for civil unions.  State Rep. Linda Chap-LaVia voted NO during the Illinois House vote.  State Sen. James Meeks also voted NO.

The proposal would extend various rights to gay couples that married couples have such as probate, property rights and health insurance.

Many are asking if this is a preliminary step toward creating gay marriage in Illinois.

Should gay couples be considered legally or morally the same as any other married couple?  And is this an issue the Illinois General Assembly should be focused on?


Anonymous said...

Way to go's about time.
Linda, Chapa La Via...what's wrong with you? You have never know what they're going to grow up to be careful what you vote NO on.

Anonymous said...

Discrimination against gays in jobs or housing is wrong, but giving gay couples the same legal rights as married couples also is wrong.

I'm glad to see Linda Chapa do the right thing for a change.

Anonymous said...

What is with people? If you want someone to have your home or have a home together, make sure both the names are on the title. Make sure the house is paid for if something happens to either or. You want someone to have your life insurance policy if something happens to you make sure that person is the beneficary. This civil union thing could be for any 2 people who live together, not just the same sex. Everyone should be careful of what the ask for. This state really does have other things that need to be addressed and that is of importance, not this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda Chapa-LaVia and State Senator Meeks and Lauzen for standing up for marriage between one man and one woman. And you are right Openline with the horrific fiscal crisis of this state they picked this issue to ram down the throats of the Illinois public literally and figuratively. The DemocRATS used the Lame-Duck session to use DemocRATIC machine thug-style pay-to-play politics to push this through so they could pay back the homosexual lobbyest for backing Quinn plus they knew they would never get this rammed through when the new Il. legislators come in January. Linda Chapa-LaVia had the courage to go with the will of the people of her district (she does NOT represent the north side of Chicago but Kane County who just sent a conservative Republican to the US House of Representatives) not the Democratic machine this time. I commend her.

BTW did you hear that SEIU Obama's union friends just dropped their healthcare coverage for the unionworker's kids because Obamacare will cost them too much?

Anonymous said...

More of state sponsered perversion. THis is the type of thing that got us to this lovely point in history now. What a bunch of perverts we have elected.c

Anonymous said...

It is way past time the state did the right thing in this arena. Centuries old religious prohibitions have no place in civil law. Bigotry is bigotry and religion doesn't excuse that. Linda Chap La Via blew it big time on this one - just another reason to not vote for her in the future.

It makes me very happy to see the bigots twisting in the wind on this one. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you are talking about 9:51. LOL! You are calling State Sen. Meeks, State Rep. Chapa-LaVia and yours truly all bigots and we are all racial minorities. Don't equate someone who identifies themselves by their performance of sexual behaviors to race, that is an insult to racial minorities like myself. They have been trying for years to create one but there is NO such thing as a "gay gene". Sad day in the state of Illinois, ramming down our throats this promotion of homosexual behavior instead of dealing with the financial meltdown. Like State Senator Meeks said this should have been put on a state referendum for the Illinois people to decide not by cutting backroom deals at the state house to pay back those who voted for Quinn.

Anonymous said...

It is time to RECALL QUINN. A politician backing perverts will do no good for this state. If he can justify this, im sure he can justify lieing, cheating, stealing,murder etc. We don't need QUINN or any like him.

Anonymous said...

I love my horse and she loves me. We want to be joined in a civil union so that her vet bills will be covered on my insurance policy. We want, no demand, that we be able to share in the benefits of married couples, man & woman, because we love each other so much. We are so happy now that the precedent has been set.

My neighbor is ecstatic too... he's in love with his sheep.

Anonymous said...

11:38 - Yep bigots come in all colors. You and those you've noted in your post provide a great example of that. Of course, for your ilk, there will never be an appropriate time to deal with this issue because it exposes you as the bigot you are.

Anonymous said...

1:24 Dragging this old one out again. Seems to be the usual desparate resort when you know you're on the wrong side of the issue. Your horse and your neighbor's sheep aren't able to give consent under the law, but when you've got no rational argument, you've got to go with this nonsense. Clearly you have to turn to your beloved animal, no rational human being would want to have anything to do with you.

Anonymous said...

There is still a rational human being out there????

Anonymous said...

There are millions of rational people out there but a small minority of social misfits seem to be running the country.....into the ground. All backed by the GREEDY TEACHERS UNNIONS.

Anonymous said...

12/2/10 9:51 PM:

Nice to see some sense on this issue on OpenLine.

For everyone else, why are people acting like this is hugely distracting? Once it takes effect, they just have to change a few government forms and it's done. It's nowhere near as complicated as solving the financial problems will be.

As for civil unions being the first step to gay marriage, it almost certainly is. People under 25 are overwhelming in support of gay marriage (something like 65% for). He'll, support for gay marriage is at 25% among evangelical Christians under 25. Once all the old bigots die off, we'll finally have justice, though hopefully it comes before then.

And yes, the majority can be bigots. Interracial marriage was legalized at the end of the sixties, but a majority of Americans didn't approve of it until 1999. Until that point, a majority of Americans were bigots. Fortunately, that didn't stop justice then.

Anonymous said...

Good Day all you scared bloggers who have so much to say but are scared to put your name behind your comments my name is fernando chapa the proud brother of your elected state rep linda chapa lavia who i dam well know she does the best she can to repersent you but if you dont communicate with her,excuess me i forgot that you dont want to be identified why maybe is becauce your WHAT SCARED i will give you the benifit of my doubt all you very,very educated bloggers give me a call would love to talk if you have the B---s.Communication is key do you want to open that door i dare you,there is nothing bad about being WRONG Have a blessed hoilday to you and YOURS PS CALL PLEASE

Anonymous said...


You forgot to leave your number. Also since you signed anonymous I figured it was just someone screwing around.

Most if not all of the issues are already covered by law - only looking to get someone to agree with thier lifestyle. This was leading to marriage, that was the sponsors desire as stated on the floor. I am proud of those that stood up to a farse of epic proportions.