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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Illinois Laws Go After Speed Limits...If Your Vehicle, Road and Yourself Are Built to Drive Fast, Should You Go to Jail?


Anonymous said...

What else would you expect from the theaving, GREEDY Communist bastdards that run the state?

Anonymous said...

If you are driving 40 miles per hour faster than everybody else, yes, you should go to jail because you obviously can't control yourself from putting yourself or more importantly other people in danger. Now maybe those morons that fly in and out of traffic cutting everybody off will slow down.

Anonymous said...

How convenient a new year rolls around to enact more new laws that will generate revenue for a state gravely in debt.

Sock it to us Illinois. That's our thanks for putting you in office.

Anonymous said...

The state is already 15 billion in debt and Quinn with his democrats wants to borrow another 15 billion. Time to exit this f'n state.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the credit rating of Illinois is so poor that they won't be able to borrow anymore on their bonds. I know I sure wouldn't buy any.

Ralph said...

Picture if you will.a vehicle approching an intersection say on new York coming up to 59.

Now this vehicle is only going 5 MPR faster then the posted limit, The light changes at 59 and the driver punches it to make the light.

Now picture you coming up on 59 to the intersection of New York and you have the green light you have the wife and two children in the car, everyone in your car goes to the hospital. but I had a green light,

Should the driver who ran the red light and speeding, go to Jail.

Sgt Ralph (retired)

Ralph said...

Thank you Mayor and alderman for laying off 8 trained Officers that if working might have prevented this accident.

I and many other retired officer's who live and vote in Aurora will remember what you did to the citizen's of Aurora.

Sgt. Ralph (retired)

Anonymous said...

Care to explain how a non-laidoff, working officer could have prevented a driver from running a right light?

Anonymous said...

Eazy, could have run into him in his squad.

Anonymous said...

Officer's presents on the road might have slowed down the driver.

Anonymous said...

What's the odds an officer is at any intersection when a accident occurs? None. Well unless there's a Dunkin' Donut on the corner.

Anonymous said...

Nit Wit, or anonymouse, which ever you go by, it was an example.

The Officer was probable miles away saving you family, if not laid off.

Anonymous said...

WOW! We have new laws for the bad law-breaking speeders in the sate of Illinios, do we have any new laws reguarding illegal immigrants?? Guess not huh! Another sancturay state.

Ralph said...

To the Citizen's of Aurora, please call you Senator or Representative,and talk with them about what problems you have and what new laws can make it easy on you.

You well, find them easy to talk with and they will return your call if they are busy and can not take it at that time.

The last time I talked with Senator Lauzen he called me. He is a very nice man, and I know he wants your input and Ideas,

I remember meeting with Rep. Tom Cross in his office, again another nice man.

Please call their office and Leave a message as to why you called and a brief outline of the Idea you have.

Years ago when I headed the traffic division the number one cause of accidents in Aurora was speeding. Please hesitate when stopped at a red light and look before pulling out, and when aproching a red light do no time it so you get there when it turns green.

If by change you witness an accident Please tell the Officer what you saw.

Anonymous said...

Mayor, take your Pension and leave before this gets real dirty.

You have done more to harm the people of Aurora, than any Mayor before you.

I know that you are not running again so just leave before you do any more damage.