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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rose Smilgys, Head of Fox Valley Park District Board, Resigns Due to Shift of Board

The head of the Fox Valley Park District Board has resigned, just days after a public hearing where the board was blasted for irresponsible plans to throw taxpayers into debt to giveaway grants to the City of Aurora for the controversial proposed River's Edge Park.

Rose Smilgys, who has been President of the board for the last 3 years and has served a total of 13 years, says she will depart on December 31st, citing the changes on the board.

"At this time, the philosophy and direction of the Board of Trustees has moved away from the vision that the staff and I have worked to build."

So, who are those "changes" to the board that have led to this level of concern?

Dan Barreiro, one of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's department heads and political allies, and Theodia Gillespie, Weisner's campaign chairperson and political allies, are part of the board.  Sources say Fox Valley Park District staff consider them agents of the Mayor of Aurora instead of acting in the best interest of the Fox Valley Park District and its taxpayers.

Other recent additions to the board include Chris Studabaker, a union representative from Aurora.  Paul Greviskes and Nancy Hopp, two other pro-Weisner members.

Smilgys will be replaced by a resident of DuPage County.


Anonymous said...

These people NEVER give up trying to get their GREEDY PAWS on the public funds. Some of these same names have been around 30 ro 40 years in different bureaucratic jobs. Either they are trying to cover their tracks or are looking for more goodies and pensions from the taxpayers. I say don\'t let any of them near your tax monies.

Anonymous said...

I would respect Ms. Smilgys decision alot more if she was forthright with the taxpayer and told us specifically what she is implying! After 13 years of service you'd think she would feel some duty to explain herself and to warn us if she thinks we (taxpayer) are being unfairly treated.

Anonymous said...

This is the same board that tried to hire Jim Pilmer as it's head. Luckily FVPD averted that lame brain move.

Anonymous said...

Gillespe is still in the City budget for big bucks. Why is the city paying the school districts to send troubled teens to her program. The schools are paid by the State to educate the students so why is the city paying them. I will tell you why because her pal the Mayor wants to keep her program going. by paying the schools it forces them to send kids to her. Shame on East and West Aurora for taking this form of charity. Alternative School is for all students just because it a free holding tank for students does not make it the best. That is certainly true when Leisner is involved.

Anonymous said...

How about Matt Harrington for FVPD board? He just got kicked off the ballot for alderman. He seems like he has common sense?

Anonymous said...

Nancy Hopp was put on the board as a Thank You from Tom Weisner for running against Bonnie Kunkle. Kunkle won hands down and Hopp got the FVPD board instead.

Anonymous said...

Six of the members come from Kane County. One from DuPage. The split was established 20 years ago when few lived in the DuPage area of Aurora.

The appointments are made by the County Board Cairman. If you are not happy with the Kane County appoinments call Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay. She put them there. The mayor of Aurora does not make the appointments. It's the Republicans in Geneva.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the appointments had been made with the suggestion of long time Liesner loser Jerry Jones. I not sure if Karen Mcconaughty can even find Aurora. Jones was the loser dem that was backed by the Mayor in the last election. Leisner even made Robo calls for Jones but unknown Silva won. It shows the power(less) Leisner for what he is.

Anonymous said...

Then blame McConnaughay for listening to Jones. She is the one who makes the appointments.