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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Years After Promises of Change, Has President Barack Obama Changed or Changed Things?

Interview with Richard Wolffe
Author of Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House


Anonymous said...

He has definately changed things just the way he promised. Problem is the press wasn't interested in finding out before the election just what the changes would be, and most of the electorate was too stupid to realize where he was going. I find it hard to believe that his skin color still affects the sentiment of most of his followers. They are following him down the path of destruction right into communisim ala JUGO CHABAZZZZ. What a crime for the America we once knew. Maybe the next time we can hold the press's feet to fire..that is if they are still around and not all going the way of the fishwrap.

Anonymous said...

With that said, will he be re-elected? YES he will. The Democrats will support him just because and the blacks will support him for no other reason than just his skin color. Fact. Get used to the realization we have another 6 years of this sports-loving, vacation-taking, do-nothing POS.