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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Why Secretive Governments, Corporations and Elected Officials Around the World Are Scared of WikiLeaks

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Anonymous said...

When I first heard of this I though how awful that some of our national security is being so threatened. But after watching Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory program about global warming I have changed my opinion. He is the only one that got to the head of this crappy idea and guess what. It lead right to the UNITED NATIONS. We are paying them to cut our own throats. The more information out there the better for all concerned weather it be good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't we know that feds are tracking us in every unlawful way possible. I'M sure they don't want us to know. The more info WE have the better.

Anonymous said...

They are scared because it is showing the truth. Something very rare in todays world.