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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Will the Aurora City Council Hide or Fight for Taxpayers?

A recent debate over free meals for students in South Korea turned the above council meeting into quite a fight, so we aren't suggesting the Aurora City Council (Illinois) do the same, but as the city has fallen into a fiscal crisis, public safety cuts and suffering the effects of years of wild spending, failed oversight and high taxes, we note there's little debate or discussion from the Aurora City Council.

The only exception is 4th Ward Alderman Rick Lawrence, who has been consistently speaking up for taxpayers, asking the hard questions and taking the tough stands on issues while the rest of the city council members sit, do nothing, spend your money and collect fees for attending a meeting.

With the city's estimated $18 million deficit looming next year and a fiscal crisis, we still don't see ANY of the rest of the 11 city council members speaking up and fighting for taxpayers.  Most importantly, we don't see any of the other 11 city council members taking any responsibility for causing the mess that exists.  It is THEIR spending addiction that has created this problem.

3rd Ward Party Girl Stephanie Kifowit does sometimes speak up...usually it's to ramble about some illogical or irrational theory she has that has no practical connection with reality.  When learning of the announcement of layoffs for Aurora Police, her only response was to deplete the city's cash reserves to pay for their salaries, not cut spending elsewhere, not find any solution that actually addresses the long-term problem.

Alderman Lawrence has offered solutions and Mayor Tom Weisner's upcoming budget for 2011 (which was due October 15th) may offer others, but where is the rest of the Aurora City Council?

We have a suggestion for the rest of the Aurora City Council on how to save taxpayers money immediately.

Stay home.  Stop collecting salaries and meeting fees.  9th Ward Alderman Leroy Keith even charges taxpayers for mileage to and from his home.  Leroy is an example of a taxpayer exploiter we don't need.

In 2011, taxpayers of Aurora will have an opportunity to make some changes to the Aurora City Council.  It's now up to you to protect your fellow taxpayers, ask the hard questions and take tough stands or you can continue to pay for the exploiters.

Remember, it's your money.


Anonymous said...

Lawrence is a blowhard idiot who likes nothing more than the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence refuses to face the tough issue of reducing expenses in the Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

Our aldermen need to stand up and shut Weisner down. They have to approve the appointments of Barb Katterman and Gina Moga. Just vote NO and save the city several hundred thousand dollars on 2 unqualified political hacks and a department that would duplicate services available in the private sector and another government office.

Eliminate Weisner's spokespeople, his assistants and his CEOs, COOs, CMOs and the rest of his alphabet cronies. This would save the city several million dollars and Weisner might actually earn his salary. Nah, that'll never happen.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think it odd that kifowit issues a memo condemning the mayor on the lay offs of the cops yet she has voted with the mayor on everyone of his crazy spending initiatives and even defends those votes????

She is a JOKE!

I wish some Latino would stand up and run against her.

Anonymous said...

The Alderman are all at fault they need to just say no. When someone complained to Shekketta Burn thought the money with no heart for the taxpayer Burns. Burns said well the Mayor can appoint who he wants to. Then why are you a Alderman. Stefanie is a party girl but Burns is worst she recently paid Lion King to come to Oswego East. She scheduled it at East Aurora but forgot to check if they had school so her party got moved to Oswego out of ward funds. That is another waste of tax payer money.

Anonymous said...

You guys are totally missing the story on Leroy Keith, you are totally clueless,

Anonymous said...

Since that money is for my ward, I think Burns should pay it back. Please someone run for our ward and get her out.