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Friday, January 07, 2011

Fleecing of Illinois | Amazon and Internet Retailers Threaten to Unplug Illinois Thanks General Assembly's Tax Scheme on Internet Transactions and other internet retailers are extremely serious about unplugging relationships with business in Illinois if Governor Pat Quinn signs into law a tax scheme passed by the Illinois General Assembly on Thursday to force taxes on internet transactions with associates within Illinois.

One of the reasons for the explosive growth and innovations with internet and e-commerce has been the restraint from government from getting in the middle of transactions with the old-style bricks-n-mortar geographical based system of sales taxes.

Several companies say they will either lose significant revenue or be forced to leave Illinois if the tax scheme bill is signed by the Governor.  Companies like Amazon would be forced to charge an extra 6.25% in sales taxes even though they have no physical presence in Illinois because they have commissioned associates.

The tax scheme, pushed by Illinois Senate President and taxpayer exploiter, John Cullerton, would cost consumer and the little guy.

On Thursday, State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia added herself as one of the Chief co-sponsors of the bill (HB3659).

OpenlineBlog joins many internet companies in strongly opposing the scheme by the Illinois General Assembly and urges Gov. Pat Quinn to REJECT any attempt to drive business out of Illinois.


Anonymous said...

More theaves with more hands in more citizens pockets. Gosh the DEMOCRATS sure are wonderful people all for the little guy....BS.

Anonymous said...

Lablago wants to be the next Mayor of Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Funny, this has been something Chris Lauzen has been pushing for quite some time too. Didn't hear you guys beating him up for that.

Anonymous said...

Now is a good time to find out how much the pols listen to their constituents. Let's all tell them that we do not want internet purchases taxed and see if they truly represent us. Kinda dumb thought huh?

Anonymous said...

If taxing internet sales would reduce or eliminate an increase in income taxes, that'd be fine w/ me. There are other states that charge sales taxes on internet purchases, if the company is based in that state.