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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aurora Housing Authority Fails HUD Inspections and Forced to Undergo Federal Monitoring | Slumlord Board Ignores Warnings

"HUD" the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's MINIMUM standards for public housing are not exactly the type of luxury you may find at a fancy hotel.  They are significantly less than what most people would consider a good quality of life.

But, even with those lower standards, the Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) has failed to pass HUD's inspections for its various public housing complexes.

Former Chairman and Slumlord Gerry Jones and new Chairman and Slumlord "Big" Al Schuler have been saying for years there is no problem at places like the dysfunctional Jericho Circle complex.

However, they are incorrect.  Either due to incompetence or willful negligence.

With the failure of the inspections, AHA must undergo monthly federal monitoring.

AHA blames its poor performance on Jericho Circle and says its inspection scores should improve once the complex is demolished.

Aurora Alderman Rick Lawrence, Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and virtually the entire community have emphatically stated there will be no redevelopment of the failed Jericho Circle site for any reason.

Slumlord "Big" Al Schuler and the AHA Board have also failed to set a timeline for when residents of Jericho Circle would receive vouchers to vacate their hazardous living conditions and when the AHA would demolish the complex.  AHA had told HUD it allocated $450,000 for FY2010 for the relocation, but has failed to proceed.

AHA has been telling city officials and the public they had to redevelop Jericho Circle due to a requirement from HUD, but an investigation has revealed that is not true.

We urge the City of Aurora to take aggressive action to evacuate the residents of Jericho Circle and fire the slumlords on the board responsible for these violations of the public's trust and the most basic human living conditions.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the AHA be saying it was their poor performance that led to Jericho Circle.

Anonymous said...

Gerry Jones or Al Schuler, either way, they have proven to be inept, incompetent and irresponsible.

The mayor should dump them all immediately. What is he waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Mayor has not reformed anything Jones is still the guy that he ran big fundraiser's for and made robo calls for and Schuler is the father in law of Abby do nothing Schuler

Anonymous said...

Tear that shit down already. Send em' all back to the city where they came from.