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Monday, January 10, 2011

Aurora Police Union (APPO) Files Labor Complaint Against City of Aurora and Mayor Tom Weisner

The ongoing battle between Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and the Aurora Police Union took a couple twists in recent days as the Aurora Police Union (APPO) filed a formal complaint with the Illinois Labor Relations Board against the City of Aurora and mayor.

Specifically, the complaint alleges the City of Aurora has been negotiating in bad faith and retaliated against the union with 8 layoffs after police officers picketed and protested at a recent city council meeting.

City officials say the allegations are baseless and the union has refused to reduce salaries to save the jobs of their fellow officers, but the union says the city offered a reduced pay freeze for most officers and a slight raise for promotions.

APPO attorney Tim O'Neil says the mayor has retaliated against the union for speaking out and refusing to make concessions.

Other unions that have been asked to make concessions are still pending and it's not clear when those will happen or if additional layoffs will be announced, but the 2011 budget "assumes" concessions.

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Police Notes:

A 15 year old male teenager was fatally shot by an off-duty police officer on Friday at approximately 3:28pm near Fifth and South on the city's east side.  The teen was allegedly involved in a disturbance and firing into a group of teens, then pointed the gun at the officer.

Also on Friday evening at about 9:55pm, a female 17 and female 18 year old were shot inside a car near the 600 block of Sumner Avenue in Aurora Township section near the city's east side.  Both victims were in critical condition, but expected to survive.

The shootings are apparently unrelated.


Anonymous said...

The Beacon is covering up again for the Mayor. The kid who was shot was a East Aurora Student assigned to the Urban League. Here is the History.

No the problem was the Alternative School. This is a crony of the City of Aurora, Clayton Muhammed and Jerome Roberts.

I am gong back about 6-7 years the kids had been taught by certified teachers and had weekly meeting with a social worker. The program was run by the schools East, West and some Indian Prairie Middle School.

Then comes the Urban League. Dunham Funds builds them a nice new building with the help of Jim Vaughn a District Crony and friend of the Mayor. Teachers like Shelia Conrad and Ed Meliki laid off made promoted as administrators and re-hired by East Aurora. The working Alternative program closes.

Then the Tom Leisner steps in pays the schools over $200,000 a piece to use Urban League. Now with no money he stills pays about $90.000 per year to send kids to the Urban League and a sub standard program. Last I checked the Mayor should not be paying what the schools should be providing. But I guess the schools like free money. They also provide no Bilingual so have the real gang members can't be separated from the school anyway. The school districts have always claimed by spending problem kids away from other students it gives them a second chance.

Indian Prairie who cares about education drops out and East & West continue. Remember Free Money

This program is now run on Farnsworth at the Urban League and basically consists of a troubled student put in front of a computer from 8:30am to 2:45pm with no counseling. They do have the equivalent of a Substitute sitting in the room but not actual certified teachers. Some Sub's in our district do have teaching or social work degrees but not at the Urban League and no bilingual

So my question is how can a teen get from the Urban League on the slow City bus system to Fifth Ave by 3:30pm engage a bunch of kids who he has been fighting with for weeks get a gun and go shoot at them. Now he is dead. The blame should fall right on the school districts lap, Urban League and the City for not providing enough police protection on the near east side. Lets not forget College Ave now the Fred Roger center no longer has police. The gang force is now over at the police palace not in a neighborhood with the most gang activity. That coupled with no police present when kids are leaving school. Waldo Friday as all the days had no police present.
I will remind everyone he Clayton Muhammed a big fan of the Mayor was a Urban League employee now the cover-up is on. Clayton' district press release said the student was not a East Aurora student but a Pathways student. What a name it is the Urban League

I do hope some of the Board members read these.East & West I do think you try to do what is best your just not given all the facts by your want a be (black) Superintendent when he is in Aurora.

The blood of this student is on Weisner, Theodia Gillespe, Jerome Roberts and Clayton Muhammed lap as well as John Russell for not reporting the news.

Anonymous said...

10:18 wants to blaim everybody but the 15 year old kid who pointed a gun at an off-duty cop.

None of the individuals mentioned in the above post gave the kid the gun. Everything in the post could be true, but it does not have anything to do with a 15 year old having a gun and pointing it at a cop.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of Alternative School is to get them away for other students. Some Alternative programs or at least the professional ones do not release kids at the same time other kids are being released. The Urban league also provides no social workers or Bilingual. They have no interaction with parents. The School must have had major problems with him so they do the right thing and send him off to Alternative School the problem is the Alternative School can't handle problem kids. Again is Leisner

East Aurora and West Aurora need to step up and ask questions

Ralph said...

Off duty Officer.

No such thing, An Officer is on duty 24 hours a day, usually armed but always on duty.

When ever he/She sees something, Armed Robbery, Shooting, progress they must act. The highly trained Police and firemen in this city is one of the reasons they are paid so well, and one of the reason I live in this city.

Sgt Ralph (retired)

Anonymous said...

Police Layoffs = increase in violent crime!

Smooth move Tom. Can't wait to hear you explain the recent increase in violent crime.

If those Community Officers hadn't be re-assigned, perhaps they would of been down in that neighborhood, and could have prevented the whole thing. You don't care though, do you Mr Weisner? It is about your legacy and campaign money.

You are a disgusting human being who places personal grudges, fame, and money over human life. Hurry up and move to Florida. I'll buy the damn ticket!

Anonymous said...

Wait till the firemen deal gets exposed. everyone will see how much of a liar weisner really is.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by wait until the fireman deal gets done? Are they getting special treatment or something? And if they are how would you have knowledge of this? Come on if you are so sure they are getting special treatment lets hear how you know????

Anonymous said...

So how can 3 kids get shot and the Beacon runs it on page 7.

Anonymous said...

Hey Toby, is it okay with you if the police get the same deal as the firemen. and I mean when you make a deal of course??

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you this. Nobody should be getting any kind of "deferred" raises in this economic environment. Don't you agree everyone? firemen? We will all find out you know. C'mon go public and get ahead of the curve. Be responsible and agree to no raises. Right?

Anonymous said...

First of all I'm not Toby. I don't see why police officers are calling out the fire department. You guys work together quite a bit of the time. You guys should be working together.
But since its obvious your not, at least the fire department hasn't thrown any of their young guys under the bus. They all still have their jobs. Im sure if APPO would have been willing to at least talk to the city, those young officers would still be employed with the city.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty funny when people lash out and swing at the air. I think it is called shadow boxing. Besides, obviously you know this "Toby" and where he works, so why don't you grow a set and call ask him yourself.

Anonymous said...

Tell the city to be responsible and not give the fire dept. any raises. Its not their fault if the city is willing to give raises. Don't blame this on the fire union who is just trying to the best for their people.

Anonymous said...

All you firemen don't be so sure these are all APD guys on this blog. Most APD guys I know have the nuts to face up people they have problems with, not hide behing their keyboards. There are plenty of people with plenty of agendas that prowl these blogs. I hope those 8 cops will be able to come back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, look at me.....I'm a hero because I put out a garage fire.Now gimmee my raise!

Anonymous said...

How many benefit tickets are the firmen buying for the 8 laid off police guys?

Anonymous said...

The firemen and policemen should quit feuding and work together. You are both very important to the citizens and as citizens, we would be in big trouble if you were not around.

I am very angry that the mayor has laid off several of our officers. I hope he brings them back on the street soon. In fact, I wish we had more officers on the street and walking the beat in some of these neighborhoods. I hope the mayor knows what he is doing. For right now, it doesn't look like he made a wise decision. Time to call my alderman, again.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh......Leisner has a big problem on his hands. Does he give in and let the officers return to work, or does he try to save face and stick to his guns (no pun intended). He's faced with a difficult situation.

I know, He can do what he did during the water crisis: Leave town, maybe to Florida, then, hit the beach and put his head in the sand!

Ah yes, he is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a lot of guys here:
Doesn't seem like there is a lack of candidates for Aurora patrol jobs. Instead of bringing back 8 officers @ 100k/year each, get 10 @ $80k/year. Seems to be simple supply and demand, maybe we should act like a free capitalistic economy and see if any of them would work for less. Why don't APPO and city leaders look at that?

Anonymous said...

Those guys that APD layed off were new guys making the new guy wage you are quoting.

Anonymous said...

The Beacon isn't covering up for the Mayor. The Beacon, as far as newspapers go, no longer really exists. Quit looking for the media to facilitate change in this community. It's going to have to come through the residents - and blog comments probably aren't going to be the method we want to utilize.

Anonymous said...

Fire is note getting any kind of a deal. It is no secret the city is forcing all employees to take a health insurance plan that is more expensive for the employee and offers less benefits.
And while the major claims he has added more police to the streets, he has no problem browning out fire engines.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Schmidt guy anyway ? I had never even heard of him until he became APPO president. Is he to blame for the firings ? What's his deal, I'm curious

Ralph said...

We know who Schmidt is, Just who are you. Hiding behind anonymous, I do not blame Schmidt, or the Mayor, for the lay off, but the city council as a Whole. We elected these people to speak for us and so far they have remained silent on the subject.

Please alderman, tell the Aurora People how and why, you allowed eight trained Officers to leave the department.

It is now that I learned that some of these Officer's are married with children, with new homes in Aurora.

Mr./Mrs Alderman, Please stop the lay off of these eight trained Officer's no matter who is at fought.

If it is a concern of yours that all City Employees live in the City then make it so by ordinance.

All newly hired to the City must live within the City limits within so many months of employment. Any employee sell His/Her home will then move into the City.

When I came on the job in the 60ies the above was the rule. and it can be changed in negotiation with any union in the future, as it was in the past.

I do not know any of the eight Officers laid off but I will attend the benefit for them on the 20th. Mr/Mrs Alderman please attend with me and I will introduce you to any Officers that I know.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding the Firemen Union supports the Mayor and the Police don't, which means
Fire Department + supporting Mayor = fully staffed, not asked for any concessions, no layoffs, raises given

Police Dept + NOT supporting Mayor = understaffed, plus 8 additional layoffs, asked and gave 3.5% concessions last year and now told need to give an additional 10%, more crime, more violence.

Where is the justice? Who is truly being served and why aren't more outraged at the Mayor??

Anonymous said...

Your understanding is wrong. The Mayor has eliminated 12 firefighter positions. They are currently browning out 1 fire engine per day.Hope fully it"s not your fire engine thats closed.
The union gave back 1 million dollars worth of concessions last year. And will be giving back more this year. The only reason they had no layoffs is because they are willing to give up money(concessions) to protect their members.

Anonymous said...

Weren't those 12 positions ones that were already vacant and just weren't filled???

Anonymous said...


(Aurora)- East Aurora School District 131 is hosting the ‘Focus on Children’ Clergy’s Breakfast on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. at East Aurora High School.

The Clergy’s Breakfast is an opportunity for area clergy, school district officials, and students to dialogue about collaboration opportunities that will help our students to continue making choices for excellence. School Board President, Annette Johnson, and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jerome Roberts, will be available to answer questions and take suggestions.

The district’s partnership with Kids Hope USA will also be highlighted. Operated in some of the district’s elementary schools, Kids Hope USA is a national mentoring program that connects churches with schools for one-on-one mentoring. Representatives from Kids Hope USA will be on hand to give an update on the partnership.

The Clergy’s Breakfast is an event in a series of community relations initiatives aimed at strengthening connections and increasing involvement between the school district and the community.

During the first semester, East Aurora Schools hosted the Youth Service Providers Expo for Faculty and Staff, a Realtors’ Luncheon, and a ‘Principal for a Day’ program in collaboration with the Aurora Cares Corporation. Future events are planned with officials from local trade unions and higher education institutions.

All area clergy are invited to attend. Please RSVP to or 630.299.8343 by Wednesday, January 19,

Anonymous said...

Yes, there has been officers laid off that may or may not have families, homes to pay for etc. What about all the people out there that has been laid off in the same situation? These people are the ones who pay taxes and therefore those taxes pay for the officers and firemens salaries, etc. Where is the outcry for these folks? Let's be fair across the board.

Anonymous said...

To 11/12 @ 8:44pm
What has your posting to do with the subject here?

Anonymous said...

The only reason the 8 police officers were laid off, was because the pd union refused to play ball with the city. Everyother union in the city saw the writing on the wall and sat down and met with the city in good faith. Had the police union done the same,those 8 police officers would still have a job. anyone can complain about how the city spends its money, but in the end it is the city choice. whats that old saying" don't bite the hand that feeds you". I am not defending the city. I support our police, I just disagree with their desision to not negotiate over concessions. I will attend the beneift for the laid off officers to show my support. But the best thing the pd union can do too help them is meet with the city.

Ralph said...

No matter who is behind the lay off and what the idea was behind laying them off.

I feel for all the men/Women laid off, Lets get together with Senator Lauzen, our representative Linda or who ever and bring some sense to out government. both the City and State of Illinois.

Before this matter gets real dirty (and it will), Mr./Mrs. Alderman lets talk Pension reform with reform of our civil service laws to go with them.

We elected 11 People to sit on the City Council , one person should not direct this problem alone.

Anonymous said...

Offering the police a raise,then declairing an impass, then asking for concessions, then laying off officers after they refuse the consessions when just a month earlirer the city offered a raise is not negotiating in "good faith"

Anonymous said...

Lets bring these eight Officer's back on board.

Give the city any thing to bring back these officer's.

Then go after the City with all your might. The main thing is to stop the layoffs, and fight from a position of strength. not weakness.

Ralph said...

Last night I attended the appo outing for the Officer's laid off.

only one of the alderman attended and I give him/her, all the credit in the world for having the nads to stand up to the mayor and attend.

one of the laid off officers came over to my table with his wife and said hello.

I also talked with Kevin Tripplet and many of the older Officer's who attended Men/Women. Thank god for Kevin during this for the eight Officer's.

Mr. Mayor you should have been there. It was well worth it.