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Monday, January 03, 2011

Chicago Bears Finish Regular Season 11-5 with Loss to Cheeseheads from Green Bay | Prediction on Playoffs?

Were the Chicago Bears the team you expected to finish 11-5? Are they the team that got blasted by the New York Giants and looked horrible or are they the team that knows how to win most games and could go - all - the way... the Super Bowl?

Let us know. Bears will host their divisional playoff game on Sunday, January 16th. See inside this post for the full NFL playoff schedule.


OpenlineBlog said...

The full schedule:

Wild card

Saturday, Jan. 8

4:30 p.m. ET – New Orleans Saints (-10) at Seattle Seahawks (NBC)

8 p.m. ET – New York Jets (+3) at Indianapolis Colts (NBC)

Sunday, Jan. 9

1 p.m. ET – Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) at Kansas City Chiefs (CBS)

4:30 p.m. ET – Green Bay Packers (+2.5) at Philadelphia Eagles (Fox)

Divisional playoffs

Saturday, Jan. 15

4:30 p.m. ET – Best remaining AFC seed (Indianapolis, Kansas City or Baltimore) at Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS)

8 p.m. ET – Worst remaining NFC seed (Seattle, New Orleans or Green Bay) at Atlanta Falcons (Fox)

Sunday, Jan. 16

1 p.m. ET – Best remaining NFC seed (Philadelphia, Seattle or New Orleans) at Chicago Bears (Fox)

4:30 p.m. ET – Worst remaining AFC seed (Kansas City, Baltimore, New York Jets) at New England Patriots (CBS)

Championship games

Sunday, Jan. 23

3:00 p.m. ET – NFC championship at best remaining seed (Fox)

6:30 p.m. ET -- AFC championship at best remaining seed (CBS)

Super Bowl XLV

Sunday, Feb. 6

6:30 p.m. ET – NFC winner vs. AFC winner, at Cowboys Stadium (Fox)


NFC seeds

1. Atlanta Falcons (13-3)
2. Chicago Bears (11-5)
3. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
4. Seattle Seahawks (7-9)
5. New Orleans Saints (11-5)*
6. Green Bay Packers (10-6)*

AFC seeds

1. New England Patriots (14-2)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
3. Indianapolis Colts (10-6)
4. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)
5. Baltimore Ravens (12-4)*
6. New York Jets (11-5)*

* Wild card qualifiers

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