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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

City of Aurora Installs Another Red-Light Camera at Ogden and Eola in Name of "Safety" But Some Say Cameras Could Hurt Kids

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As communities and legislation begins to scale back on the red-light camera schemes across the nation, the City of Aurora is ready to install another one (the 5th set) at the intersection of Ogden & Eola.

While city officials say it's for safety, several residents, including former 8th Ward Alderman Chris Beykrich, have expressed concern since even IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) has acknowledged the red-light cameras increase rear-end collisions.

Many are saying the very busy intersection of Ogden & Eola is going to get a lot more busy thanks to the red-light cameras and may lead to more driver frustration and risk, not less.  With traffic often backing up and the nearby Waubonsee Valley High School, drivers at red-light camera intersections, in an effort to avoid unintentional tickets, sometimes don't make turns at all, even when permitted, slowing the natural flow of traffic.

As a school official told OpenlineBlog "this is an intersection with kids nearby.  In the city's effort to go after drivers with $100 tickets, I'm concerned we may create more risk to kids."

Joe Groom of the Aurora Police Department, one of the leading proponents of red-light camera schemes, could not be reached for comment.  We understand his new digital radio is still not functioning properly.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Its for the children"

Anonymous said...

Joe Groom, who should have been laid off and wasn't, was busy in his Batavia home and couldn't make an intelligent comment.

Anonymous said...

Where better to locate a red light camera than near a high school where you have drug induced, hot-rodding 17 and 18 year olds trying to be cool. Excellent idea Aurora. Should be a cash cow. Now, how about a red light camera at Edgelawn and Indian Trail by Aurora Central Catholic?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to stick a right light camera up Weisner's ass :)