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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Election 2011 | Aurora Alderman-at-Large Race Continues to Change; Write-In Candidacy for Harrington While Matthews Surges As Irvin-Lofchie Try to Knockout Each Other

The 2011 Alderman-at-Large race for the City of Aurora will apparently have at least 2 to 4 candidates, but stay tuned for the final number.

Kevin Matthews, a west side businessman, is the only candidate who properly filed his petitions and was not challenged.  Matthews says he is focused on the issues facing Aurora and has routinely been addressing city council meetings on the fiscal crisis.

Attorneys Judd Lofchie and Richard Irvin both have challenged each other's candidacies at the level of the Aurora Election Commission and now in Kane County Court.  Both candidates, although attorneys, have accused each other of failing to follow the rules and file proper petitions.

Meanwhile, Matt Harrington, who was removed as a candidate by the Aurora Election Commission for failing to meet residency requirements for the February election, now is running as a write-in candidate.

Lofchie and Irvin will still continue to try to knock each other out later this month when they appear in court.  If both are successful, it would leave Kevin Matthews as the only nominated candidate and Matt Harrington as a write-in candidate.

Irvin unsuccessfully ran as Mayor in 2005 and 2009, but won Alderman-at-Large in 2007 unopposed when Bob Shelton dropped out of the race.

How will this race shape up in April 2011?  Let us know...


Anonymous said...

I will vote for Matthews not because I know him but he filed his petitions properly. And he is not yes man Richard.

Anonymous said...

Do not vote for Matt Harrington because he addicted to drug, cheated and lied.

Anonymous said...

Kick Matt Harrington out of Aurora. He is a cheater. He is a liar. He is an addict to drug: marijuana. He does not own any business. He is not a president at Chicago Consortium Group. His condo in Chicago is in the list of foreclosure. While he is talking, he always use a word "fuck" in every sentence. He loves to do revenge on people who he hates. Do we still want the 2nd Hitler in Aurora?