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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Election 2011 | Aurora Aldermanic Candidacy Challenges Move to Court, Mike Saville Running Scared of Isaac Count De Money Wilson While Kevin Matthews Could Be Next Alderman-at-Large

For a guy that's been 6th Alderman for decades, Mike Saville seems to be so scared of his opponent, Isaac Count De Money Wilson, he's willing to go to court to try what appears to be a frivolous attempt to knock him off the ballot.

The Aurora Election Commission already ruled Wilson's candidacy should be allowed and it's not clear what legal basis Saville is using, but Wilson responded by saying Saville's actions are to prevent a discussion on the state of the city's fiscal crisis and the state of the 6th ward that has seen little improvement during Saville's tenure.

While much has been made of Isaac "Count De Money" Wilson's name, which is his actual name, Wilson is making Saville's lengthy record the issue.  Saville most recently voted to increase property tax rates for 2011.

Meanwhile, candidates Richard Irvin and Judd Lofchie have pursued their ballot challenges in court to knock each other out of the Alderman-at-Large race.  Both candidates, who are attorneys, made numerous mistakes in their petitions, but the Aurora Election Commission they weren't sufficient to remove them from the ballots.

Candidate Matt Harrington was knocked off the ballot for Alderman-at-Large by the Aurora Election Commission.

So, if Irvin and Lofchie are somehow successful in knocking each other out, that means businessman Kevin Matthews would be the only remaining candidate.

Given that Kevin Matthews appears to be the only candidate for Alderman-at-Large who filled out his forms correctly and followed the rules, perhaps he deserves to the next Alderman-at-Large.

Ballot challenges will be heard by Judge Thomas Mueller on January 26th at 1pm.

The election (no primary is needed) will be April 5, 2011.


Anonymous said...

Mike Saville is as bad an alderman as there is. His "great accomplishments" are ordinances which make it more expensive to live here while meeting no measurable criterea of effectiveness!! The Landlord Crime ordinance is the most recent example. Time to go Mike!

Anonymous said...

Thursday January 6th 2011


The proceeding Article of the Beacon News and Open-Line Blog,
Has Forgotten that there is another Candidate.

We have e-mailed Mr. Hanley to reminded him as well as our friend on OpenLine-Blog, that we have file the necessary paperwork with the Aurora Election Commission to be the One and Only Write-In Candidate for Aurora's Alderman at Large.

Matt Harrington, Has as many of you are aware of, Has been campaigning for Aurora’s Alderman at Large since April 2010 and was First reported in the Beacon News
in May of 2010.

We have in place an aggressive Voter Outreach effort.In February We will hit the the ground running going to our neighbors doors, with our BACK MATT FANS, on ward thru early voting and onto the General Election on Aril 5th 2011,

Along with our Local Cable TV and Radio Add Campaign which Starts in March.

We believe that we will win the Day.

Aurora A Better Way Starts Today,

Write-In and Win with Matt Harrington
Aurora’s Write-In Candidate for Alderman at Large


OneMan said...

Well kids, here is a question. If a candidate was tossed for a residency thing, can they even serve as an alderman if elected?

For what it is worth I don't think Matt should have been tossed, but it is a fair question

Anonymous said...

Vote for Count de Money! History of the world PT-2 coming shortly! Count de money, count de money!

Anonymous said...

OneMan makes a good point. I'm not sure the write-in candidacy is valid if there's a residency question.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Sounds like 9:07 is an "investment property" owner and doesn't like being held accountable at any level.