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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Election 2011 | More Mistakes By Attorneys Results in Candidate Challenges Being Dropped in Aurora Alderman Races

In yet another twist to the odd situation involving candidate challenges for alderman races in Aurora, there will be no court hearings after all.

Seems candidates (and attorneys) Judd Lochie and Richard Irvin both missed the filing the deadline to challenge each other's candidacy in court.  In Irvin's case, the objector acting on his behalf was Peggy Hicks and the attorney acting on her behalf at the Aurora Election Commission was David Camic.

Another attorney, John Duggan, acting on behalf of Mike Saville to try and challenge the candidacy of Isaac Count De Money Wilson, also missed the deadline.

And, it seems the Aurora Election Commission got it wrong, too. They thought the time to file in court was 10 days, but it's actually 5 days.  They say it's up to the candidates to know the law.

So, with all these mistakes and candidacy challenges, the races are apparently now set.

For Alderman-at-Large, businessman Kevin Mathews is the only one who properly filed and didn't get challenged.  He will be joined on the ballot by Richard Irvin and Judd Lofchie.  Matt Harrington will be a write-in candidate.

For 6th Ward Alderman, Isaac Wilson will challenge incumbent Mike Saville.


Anonymous said...

Yuk! What a bad bunch of choices!

Anonymous said...

If the knowledge of the election law is "up to the candidates" Why
do we need and Election Commission?

We are having all this trouble because the commission is not doing it's job.

We need a referendum to dump it. I wonder if they know how to do that.