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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fleecing of Illinois | Proposed Legislation Would Eliminate Tollway Board Salaries, Benefits and Prevent Double-Dipping By Government Officials

According to the Daily Herald, State Rep Jack Franks has introduced legislation to eliminate the salaries, benefits (and the resulting luxury pensions) of the directors who serve on the Illinois Tollway Board.

In some cases, this would also mean those who have been or are currently employed by government elsewhere would not be "double-dipping" by adding to their future pensions for periodic tollway board meeting.

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and Naperville Mayor George Pradel both are directors on the Illinois Tollway Board.  Pradel says he would serve with no compensation.

One difference between the two mayors is that Pradel is not a full-time mayor getting a full-time salary.  Weisner is paid in excess of $100K per year as a full-time mayor of Aurora.

For attending approximately 12 meetings a year, the board members receive a salary of $31,426 plus benefits such as health insurance.

Chairman Paula Wolff says she has declined to take the salary and benefits.

Rep. Franks says he urged Gov. Pat Quinn to eliminate the almost $300,000 of salaries and benefits for what are patronage positions.

Quinn, who just helped blast taxpayers with the biggest tax increase in Illinois history, has done nothing to cut the expenses, so Rep. Franks says that's why the legislation will proceed.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor is not having a good month. First no more zombie Andre. Lulay the new City reporter is much better and will expose the Mayor for the dirt bag he is. And now he may lose his salary tooooo bad could not happen to a nicer guy.

Anonymous said...

There are far too many people collecting big fat checks and future pension checks at taxpayer expense.

If these folks really care about the tollway system, they would be volunteer board members.

Anonymous said...

Rep Franks is correct. These are just patronage jobs.

Putting mayors and former mayors on the tollway board illustrates a disregard for the real purpose of these boards.

Quinn is a political bozo.

Anonymous said...

No different than ASD. They also like their free healthcare for life. Your taxes and fees at work. Dummies.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you read about the 13 shootings in the D.C. area so far this year? Didn't think so the press is covering for the Democrats. All the while making a big deal out of Palen in Ariz. How hipocritical. Why doesnt the wonderful BEACON report on these things this is BIG NEWS..13 shootings in D.C and not a word. Cancel all paper subscriptions and watch Fox instead.

Anonymous said...

hey 12:44
our bearded leader a dirt bag? you just made the s*** list right under the owner of the round house. you must not value your job

Anonymous said...

Does this surprise anyone?..that Weisner would be "double dipping"? He's probably doing more than that if anyone would just look closer.

Anonymous said...

Wow openline, glad to see you figured out how to copy and paste articles from

Anonymous said...

Tom Weisner is the problem not the unions. Almost $2600.00 per meeting what a joke and I bet he drives one of his many owned city vehicles to get there. Tom you are a fraud and a disgrace as a human. Crawl back under your rock from where you you came.