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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Government Wild Spending | Commentary By Speaker Denny Hastert


Anonymous said...

Hastert is correct although under the Bush administration, Congress also went on a wild spending spree on Iraq and Afghanistan and "security" expenses that are still a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Hastert chaired the House when it passed budgets that took us from the Clinton surplus to the Bush deficit.

Hastert was also the master of the "earmark" for special projects in his district. A building for Aurora University, bridges over the Fox River and the Prairie Parkway to list a few.

He was a big part of the problem when in office. Now out of office he has found religion and lectures on the need for fiscal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit Hastert is an expert on the topic of wild spending. I can't think of anyone with more experience doing it than him. And he's still doing it w/ our tax dollars! Office, staff, etc. And in the meantime he's STILL making money off our government, only this time he's being paid as a lobbyist/shill. Hey, Denny boy, how about using some of that money you get lobbying to pay the state back for the special election caused by your QUITTING before the end of your term. You were hired and elected, and agreed to serve for a set term. But you broke your word.

Anonymous said...

Why would you publish anything by this jerk? Why not instead ask how much money he collected from Archer Daniels and the Illinois and Iowa corn growers for initiating the use of ethenol in gasoline. This is a large part of the infaltion caused in the food chain. I love how we allow the government to not count the food and energy costs in the inflation index so that they don't have to give the retirees a raise, and at the same time cause food stuffs to rise for the lowest earning element of our society. Burn baby, burn.