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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Illinois Appellate Court Strikes Down Quinn-Madigan $31 Billion Wild Spending Plan as Unconstitutional | Political Mafia Princess Lisa Madigan Vows to Fight to Reinstate Massive Taxes; And One More Thing...

As Illinois suffers a fiscal crisis due to massive incompetence by the political mafia that control the state and the failure of the electorate to throw the bums out, an unexpected source has come to the rescue of taxpayers.

The Illinois Appellate Court.

Earlier this week, the Court threw a bombshell into Rahm Israel Emanuel's fraudulent campaign for Mayor of Chicago by saying pesky things like the law must be followed.

Now, they have thrown a tremendous bombshell into the political mafia of Illinois, including Pat Quinn, Michael Madigan and Lisa Madigan's $31 billion wild spending plan that relied on slamming the public and business with many fees and taxes even before the recent massive income tax increase.

The Court has ruled the various legislation covering a wide variety of schemes (video poker, liquor taxes, candy taxes, truck fees, cosmetic fees, lottery, etc) hatched by Quinn-Madigan violated the constitution that requires legislation to cover a single subject only.

Illinois Political Mafia Princess and so-called Attorney General Lisa Madigan vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court and fight for the taxes and wild spending instead of following the law and fight for taxpayers.

Ironically, before the wild spending plan with tax and fees could be approved by the Madigan-controlled Illinois General Assembly, there was one obstacle in the past...former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

When being shoved out of office, he warned the rush to impeach him was more about the goal of the Illinois political mafia to push the wild spending plan and said they would conspire to hit Illinois with the "biggest tax increase in history."

Turns out he was correct.

Who knew of the many scam artists running Illinois, Rod Blagojevich would be more honest than most?

The lawsuit that resulted in the Illinois Appellate Court decision was brought forward by Chicago Blackhawks owners Rocky Wirtz due to various liquor fees being imposed unjustly (he is one of the primary liquor distributors in Illinois).

The ruling effectively kills the planned $5 billion bond offering the State of Illinois was going to proceed with (translation:  state was planning to add $5 billion of debt to taxpayers), which now has no legal basis.

We hope the Illinois Supreme Court will shove Lisa Madigan's attempt to fight for taxes and fees down the drain.  However, we note the Chief Justice was elected recently with massive political help by Lisa Madigan's father.

And one more thing...SEC is investigating the State of Illinois for potential fraudulent accounting methods related to pension schemes.

Illinois, the State of Crisis.


Anonymous said...

Illinois is seriously imploding. We are getting what we asked for by electing these bums.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the bearded leader of aurora, political mafia wannabe, and his merry band of misfits. after eight years of ignoring the taxpayers locally he figures he's ready to move up to statewide fiscal mismanagement.