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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

West Aurora School District 129 Board Considers Full Day Kindergarten...Should All Schools Do the Same?

Supporting Full Day Kindergarten

Opposing Full Day Kindergarten

Discussion on Full Day Kindergarten

More Discussion on Full Day Kindergarten

As the rest of the world increases learning hours in a day for all children, there is a growing trend across North America to not only increase the school day and school year, but to target what many believe is the most critical period to get a child on the right track for learning, which is at the age when a child attends kindergarten.

Those who support the full day program for kindergarten say it will help give all children a boost in learning and reduce the number of children who fall behind their grade level.  Others say that such an environment is not suitable unless there's more individualized attention at such a tender age.

Schools in Canada (see videos above) have been operating full day (or all day) kindergarten programs and say there are also other benefits, such as giving parents a more structured day and giving children more time to socialize with each other as family units shrink where a child may not have multiple siblings.

Locally, West Aurora School District 129 (Illinois), is considering adding a full day kindergarten class to each of the 10 grade schools.  It would be limited to 24 students per teacher.

Is full day kindergarten a good idea?  If not, why?  If you support the idea, then should the goal be to expand it to all children? 


Anonymous said...

I think its a good idea. Furthermore, there are some adults on openline that could benefit by attending.

Anonymous said...

HA! 12:36 FTW.

My kids went to full-day kindergarten and I think it was beneficial in many ways. Our country is going to continue to fall behind academically if we don't take steps to make sure the education that our children receive is, at the very least, beginning to compete with that of other countries. I recently asked a friend of my daughter's if she could name five countries in Europe. She could not name one. Just "Paris." She recently graduated from West High, by the way. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

And if you think spending millions of dollars on all day kindergarten will solve the problems of failing schools, falling scores and dysfunctional families is going to solve any problems I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like more government control to me. Why not just pick up the newborns at the hospitals and put them in little boxes like the NAZIS did. Then they could be indoctrinated as soon as they learn to speak how to enjoy this socialistic government. They could also cull the defective ones easier. Anyone who agrees that all day kindergarten is a good idea has had too much public "education" already.

Anonymous said...

Lets see now 12 years at west and they think Paris is a country? I'm sure that a 13th year would have greately improved their knowledge. What the hell is wrong with WEST HIGH? One could get more education by osmosis. No wonder the commies are taking over and all the teachers are progressives. The system is sick, sick, sick.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the NEA and the teachers unions just love this plan. These dumb shits can't afford to pay the people they have and then want to hire more......that they can't pay.

Anonymous said...

This will be a great boost to SEIU as all these kids will have to be fed by union employees thanks to the lard assed first lady.

Anonymous said...

Half Day needs to remain a choice!!!
Protect the children and preserve the rights of parents.
Listen to what the experts say, not the policy makers...
Please read the links, sign the petition...
- HalfDayKindergarten.Org