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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Mitt Romney Bain Capital Money Photo | Is It Wrong to Be Rich?

The Boston Globe found this old photo of 2012 Presidential Candidate and Gov. Mitt Romney posing with his team at Bain Capital back in the old days celebrating their successful deals that have made Romney a rich guy.

Before the Obama folks get too excited and start using these in ads, we would strongly remind (warn) the Obama campaign they are the same people who charge over $30,000 to "meet" the President.  In 2008, they broke their campaign promise to not take federal campaign funds so they could rake in hundreds of millions, including from many fat-cat donors.

So, leaving aside the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign, is the photo positive or negative for Mitt Romney?  Sure, it says he was boasting they made a lot of money, but is it wrong to be rich?

Or does it show he was a successful in business?

If you made millions or got a lottery check, would you pose with it?


Anonymous said...

Romney has been successful, there's nothing wrong with that. If the Obama people are critical of that, they are being critical of the American dream.

Anonymous said...

Money goes to money, same ol' same ol'.

Shahryar said...
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Shahryar said...

No it's not wrong to be rich but taking pictures with money in this fashion is.. well not wrong.. but a whole lot of other negative things. It says something about your values and what's important to you.

Voters looking for a candidate who truly cares about making the U.S. (and world) a better place should keep this picture in mind.

Glen Hellman said...

Agree with Shahryr, there's nothing wrong with being rich and it's great to create wealth. Gloating over being rich, focusing on the wealth in of itself is the wrong here. Romney arbitraged wealth. Gates and Buffett created wealth, would never be caught so classlessly flaunting wealth. They've created wealth, enjoyed it's rewards and shared their blessings with others.

This photo reminds me of a classless Tyrell Owens, spiking the ball or taunting an opponent.

Anonymous said...

So, leaving aside the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign

Politician = Hypocrit

Then again, so is Openline.

Anonymous said...

It's the love of money, that is the root of all evil.

Rik Elswit said...

It's not his making money that's the problem, it's how he made it. Working for Bain Capital, Romney's job was to cut the US labor force of the companies they took over, and ship the jobs overseas.

Romney was a great job creator. In China.