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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quinn Wants Modified Gambling Expansion Bill and Chicago Casino | Prepares To Throw Aurora and Hollywood Casino Under the Gambling Expansion Bus

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is not willing to sign the massive gambling expansion bill being pushed by Rep. Lou Lang and Sen. Terry Link, but he is willing to sign a more "modest" version that would allow 5 new casinos, including for downtown Chicago.

That means the negative impact and the likely eventual downfall of Aurora's Hollywood Casino, which is already seeing major reductions in revenue from lower overall gambling, competition from new casinos in Des Plaines and lack of surrounding economic development to draw people to downtown.

"Quinn is willing to throw Aurora under the bus to help Chicago and Rahm Emanuel." said a viewer, who followed by saying "this means Aurora should start planning ahead for the eventual demise of Hollywood Casino.  It may not happen for a few years, but there's only so much gambling revenue to go around and this expansion doesn't create more revenue, but just dilutes it."

With racetracks, more casinos and reduced overall gambling, do you expect Hollywood Casino in Aurora to last indefinitely or fold their cards at some point?


Anonymous said...

And by a viewer, we mean Rick Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

HollyWood is done for, simple as that. Aurora has nothing that compels a visit. There is not a large enough base to support the downtown, it is just a taxpayer tax cash siphon.

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

The city should budget based on ZERO contributions form the casino in the future. Any money from it shoudl be used to pay down debt.

Anonymous said...

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce should start marketing the "Latin King Restaurant/Hangout"(Los Quinta del Reyes) as an authentic gangster experience. Ask local government officials what "Los Quinta del Reyes" means in English.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd rather see no gambling in the state, but Quinn's proposal is at least better than what the legislature (dems & repubs) approved. As far as any particular casino, they're ALL going to take hits. And this was inevitable from the day they first approved gambling (the lottery). I do find it amusing Quinn talked about the new casino money going to education. Uh, isn't that what the lottery supposed to do? Provide EXTRA money for education? But of course the legislature then decreased the general fund money THEY put into education, so the extra money turned into the main money. And it'll happen again. No matter who we elect to the legislature or Govs office.

Anonymous said...

"It will create jobs" and "its for the children". Anyone else sick and tired of hearing this bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Not so much tired of hearing it, as it's just white noise, static on the radio, the sound of a fan running, i.e. it has no meaning.