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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Think Red-Light Camera Scheme is Bad? Wait, It May Get Worse As Illinois Political Mafia, Including Rahm Emanuel, John Cullerton, Michael and Lisa Madigan Push Speed Camera Plan to First Blanket Half of Chicago, Including O'Hare Airport to Zap You with $100 Tickets

From the political mafia that brought red-light camera schemes first to Chicago under the name of "safety" before spreading the scheme across Illinois, now comes legislation in the works by Rahm Emanuel, John Cullerton, Michael and Lisa Madigan to blanket about half of Chicago with automated speed cameras, which can instantly zap you with $100 tickets.

All in the name of "safety" of course.

The percentage is actually quite higher if you take out O'Hare Airport, Lake Shore Drive and expressways.

Redflex, one of the major firms exploiting communities like Chicago and Aurora, the two largest cities in Illinois, hired high-powered lobbyists, including Michael Kasper, who also "coincidentally" happens to represent that Madigans and Emanuel for political work.

Speed cameras have been used extensively by the British, having little effect other than extracting money from the public (see above video for discussion).


Anonymous said...

1984 is upon us folks. VOTE THEM ALL OUT NEXT ELECTION.

Anonymous said...

This is just like the red light camera crap. Public safety BS, then next thing you know, it spreads.

We can't keep electing these clowns. It's our fault!

Anonymous said...

Face it...they are all clowns. People buy into these campaign promises which never come to pass anyways. Remember when you vote, just vote for change. In time politicians will get the message we wont stand for it anymore.