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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aurora Finance Committee Chairman Bob O'Connor Pushes for More Wild Spending in 2012

For a quarter century, Alderman-at-Large Bob O'Connor, who unfortunately for taxpayers happens to be Chairman of the Finance Committee for the City of Aurora, has been at the epicenter of the bad fiscal decisions that have resulted in a financial crisis, raising your taxes and fees while cutting your services.

Since Finance Committee meetings are rarely seen by the public, we thought rather than telling you what usually happens at these meetings, it would be easier to show you with the above video.  Instead of just a single $100 bill, just imagine it with thousands of them, all provided by you.

Oh, one more thing...Bob O'Connor and the Finance Committee are proposing to spend at least $358 million of your taxdollars in 2012, an increase from this year.

It's YOUR money.


Anonymous said...

O'Connor has become a wild spending liberal and fiscally irresponsible.

Every day he stays in his position, we taxpayers lose.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest group of bozos on the city council! I can't vote though, I moved to the township years ago. It's about a thousand dollars less property tax than the same house would be 2 blocks away in the city limits.