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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Congressman Joe Walsh Unloads During Cup of Joe

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh can't be confused with the usual politician who reads from a script, but in this excerpt of his Cup of Joe event with constituents, he unloads.

Mr. Walsh is likely to face Congressman Randy Hultgren in a primary if the partisan redistricting maps are allowed to stay by courts.


Anonymous said...

Joe Walsh should know about mortgage foreclosure. He failed to keep up on his mortgage and lost his home. He also skipped out on child support payments. Not the example of "personal responsibility" that we expect of our fellow citizens. But Joe is a congressman and they live by a different standard. We need to get rid of the deadbeats in Congress. Walsh is a hypocrite who talks about personal responsibility but fails to live it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is $130,000 behind in his child support payments.

Hows that for "family values?"

Anonymous said...

Huh? He said the government made the banks give loans to homebuyers. Right !!

It's not the bank's fault that they chose to give money to unqualified buyers so the bank could bundle the loans and sell them to Wall street.

Poor banks, they had to make money if they wanted to or not.

Can you believe this???

Anonymous said...

If Hultgren said it, you know you can't believe it. But Walsh isn't any better. The fact that either got nominated, let alone elected, speaks poorly for the Republicans and for the voters of those districts.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't he running for President of the United States on the Republican ticket?

He qualifies.