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Monday, November 14, 2011

Do Not Pass Go or Pay $X | Metro Raises Fares

If you live in the Chicago metropolitan area, here's an expensive reality check...not only your taxes and fees have gone up from the city to park district to state as your income, property values and services have likely gone down, but if you go anywhere other than staying in your home or walking, your mobility will cost you more.

As if gas prices, massive tollway hikes or parking meters weren't enough, Metra, the commuter rail service for the Chicago metropolitan area outside the city, has announced significant fare increases.

* One-way fares up to $9.25 (now only valid for 14 days instead of 1 year)

* 10 ride tickets up to $83.25 (no longer get 10 rides for price of 8)

* Monthly tickets up to $263.50 (from $217.35)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And yet the people stand for it. Let's see Weisner passed a tax rate increase last year and there was not a peep I know of from anyone. Now he is giving away raises and hiring more employees instead of rescinding the tax increase, he voted to raise toll fees, the Library will get their tax rate increase, Waubonsee may try for one also, 129 is going to sockit to the taxpayers, the park district is whining again and so is the county and yet where are the people?