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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fleecing of Illinois | Public Pension (Ponzi) Scheme

Does the Chicago and Illinois Political Mafia have the courage to change the current Illinois pension system or just kick the can while taxpayers pay for it all?


Anonymous said...

Don't punish the ones who have followed the rules this whole time. The public employees always follow every rule with putting their contribution into the pension system. It was the politicians who were the ones not funding them or even stealing straight from them. Make them figure this problem out without screwing over the average joe.

Anonymous said...

How about we start by closing out all pensions for legislators. Confiscate THEIR pension contributions, and transfer all funds from the legislator's pensions into the funds they've been stealing from all these years.

Ralph said...

I agree,from day 1, I paid over 9% of my pay into the Pension fund.

I only made it to the chief office twice,both times I found them warm and understanding as to why I had to do what I did,

getting back to pensions don't punish the ones who paid for their Pension's

Sergeant Ralph (retired)

Anonymous said...

Make them figure this problem out without screwing over the average joe.

The average Joe is the taxpayer. Here is a simple solution, immediately cut all public sector workers salaries by 50% and then take the 50% and use it to fund the pensions. That way the average joe is not hurt (he can always quit and find out just what his skill are really worth - LOL) but he will have the pension he worked for. Seems like a good solution to me.

Anonymous said...

Or the state could just live up to the agreement they made with their employees. That sounds like the legal thing to do. But hey you don't sound like a person who likes to do the right thing very much. Your just a jealous POS.

Anonymous said...

You're^^^^^ sorry damn phone!

Anonymous said...

What this discussion really shows is how effective the wealthy power brokers are in fooling the "average Joe" in the private sector. They've managed to con the private workers into accepting cuts in their pensions and benefits, saying "oh, we can't afford to pay for that any more, the economy's going bad, it's unsustainable". In the meantime, executive compensation, including THEIR pensions, golden umbrellas, etc. is going thru the roof; funny how what's going to THEM is sustainable, but what's going to the worker is not. The executives get paid more for getting fired than a hundred regular workers make in a year. And the private sector workers have bought this con, and have let the corporate big wigs turn them against the public sector workers. If the big shots, thru their shell organizations like illinois is broke, are successful in chopping down the public sector unions and workers, and the private sector unions are already hurting, then how long do you think the fair labor standards act, minimum wage, 40 hour weeks, getting paid for overtime, sick leave, etc. are going to last? That's the whole agenda behind these attacks are -- to make sure the average Joe, be it a public or private sector worker, has no voice and just has to take whatever crumbs and crap the boss deals out. The workers pay and benefits go down, the middle class disappears, and the executive compensation just keeps going up and up. The private sector average Joes shouldn't be complaining about the public sector average Joes, they should be getting together to go after the fat cats that are screwing them both.