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Friday, November 25, 2011

Maggie Daley, Wife of Former Chicago Mayor (King) Richard Daley, Dies at 68

As politicians pour praise over Maggie Daley, wife of one of the most powerful political figures in American history, former Chicago Mayor (King) Richard Daley II, on a human-level, Mrs. Daley proved even the immense political power of the Daley family could not overcome cancer.

Her "contributions" to Chicago were made possible by her unofficial position as "first lady" and the wife of the mayor, who ruled over Chicago for over 20 years, often in a dictator-style.

Mrs. Daley's own legacy includes controversy aside from the many alleged sins of her family.  She was a driving force behind Mayor Daley's decision to destroy Meigs Field, the lakefront airport.  Her close friends were rewarded with lucrative contracts at O'Hare Airport.

She was appointed to various paid board positions.  Her charity "After School Matters" received rent-free offices from the city, staff, grants and hundreds of thousands in taxpayer funds.  An investigation earlier this year revealed many companies were encouraged to "donate" to her charity to get city business.

Mayor Daley's regime included a nonstop culture of corruption.  He claimed he knew nothing, even though he had control over everything in Chicago.

Many speculated the health of his wife is what caused Mayor Daley to not seek re-election.

Last week, her daughter's wedding was moved up due to Mrs. Daley's failing health.


Anonymous said...

Unreal, just when I thought "so called" openline could not be any more classless. Why don't you identify yourself so we can have similar fun at your expense when you die. I'm sure you also have a long list of philanthropic activities that we can put a negative spin on.

Anonymous said...

Actually 10:50, Openline has LOTS of class. All low. And dream on about Openline EVER having the guts to identify himself. And the list of philanthropic activities is surely the shortest on record. But of course, it's not on record. Nothing about Openline is.

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands are mourning the death of Maggie Daley. They are celebrating her accomplishments and recognizing the contributions that she made to the Chicago community.

I wonder how many people would mourn the end of Openline? I wonder what they would list as Openline's accomplishments?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Openline saved the drive-in theater, got Tom Weisner arrested, got Rick Lawrence elected mayor, and sent Stephanie Kifowit packing. They also got the AHA disbanded and bought everyone in Jericho Circle a house!

A Better Way for Aurora Starting Today said...

OpenLine your an Asshole, I known the family my whole life, Richard father was my grandfather best friend from 18 until my grandfather passed in Nov of 1962, they lived next door to each other there whole life.

When my Mom passed in 2002 they all called me and came to the awake, and agian when my Dad passed in 2005 they did the same and of course they reach out to me personlly when my cousin Pat Botterman passed in 2008 from a heart attack at the age of 46.

Say what you want about politics or policy's. But on this day a true champion of the people, who cared for so many childern of not just Chicago but Childern around the world has died way to soon.

But I guess an up-tight small mind and weak person as yourself can only be happy if they take a shoot at a person, who has towering symbol of kindness, hope and compassion to all she has met, i believe this action is to only make you feel better or important.

Let me say this your NOT !!!!

Shame on you Openline !

You are a weakling if you had any backbone you might put your name to your post.

But we all know that is never going to happen coming from you.

If this post came from Kevin Mathews or the Alderman of Aurora's 4th ward.

Then my opinion of either of you has been confirmed.

Your an ASSHOLE.

Matt Harrington
Aurora, IL.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that stupid piece of shit drive in - Wasn't there supposed to be a local documentary about that piece of crap. Did that ever come out?

Anonymous said...

Well this now explains why Matt Harrington is such a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Next Openline headline should be--
Openline makes ass out of himself and is a sorry excuse for a human being.

Finally, something is REALLY exposed on this turd blog.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pathetic post.

Ralph said...

open line leave the lady alone. I've
never known any one who got out of the world alive yet.only god knows
if she desereves the kingdom of heaven
to let the person who entered my computer and sent out messanges I nave narowled it down and I will find out who you are. God help you or me when I find out.

even thou you use annoymouse each time, you go to a blog you user name is going to show up where the blog orginates.

Anonymous said...

Well Matt for someone who thought I was an asshole you certainly acted cordial enough and friendly enough whenever we have met in public. In fact at the DuPage County Republican event, where I made sure you were given equal time despite being tossed off the ballot, you could not be nicer, and talked to me about your son’s illness and the concerns you had for his health and other matters of family. Hardly the type of conversation I would have expected you to engage in with someone you held in such low regard.

But then I guess we are all learning more about you, eh Matt? Apparently you are a very disingenuous person and have no problem changing your persona to whatever affords you advantage in any given situation. For example your chameleon like warping between being a Democrat, to appearing at Tea Party events as a staunch Republic etc or falsifying your candidate petition and indicating you were a resident of Aurora when you were not (as determined by an investigation and hearing by the election commission). So apparently, whatever is good for Matt Harrington is what you go with at any moment in time.

You see Matt, I pretty much treat people the same publicly and privately. There is very little I would say behind someone’s back that I would not say to their face, unlike you. Well you are the one who has to live with himself, but you certainly are one disingenuous human being; rather the low life it appears.

And no Matt I have nothing to do with this Blog other than an occasional post that usually bears my name. I have no need to hide who I am or what I stand for; I ran a very transparent campaign so people would know exactly what values I represent. On the other hand we have you, who adjusts to whatever position gives Matt an advantage. I am only glad the people of Aurora saw through your deceptions. A person with your raw intellect and lack or scruples could do a lot of damage in a position of power, of course you knew that and that is why you have repeatedly sought public office.

I am sorry to bear this unpleasantness on this forum, but charlatans like Matt Harrington do need to be put in their place from time to time. So Matt why don’t you go crawl under whatever rock you emerged from again and plot what persona you should take on for your next campaign run. Maybe some day the people will believe you.

Kevin Mathews

Brian said...

It's easy to report on the death of Maggie Daley as if she were royalty, follow the herd blindly by praising someone who used TAXPAYER resources, OFFICIAL power to "contribute" to the city, look the other way on her husband's corruption and/or personally benefit from it, enrich herself and her friends and continue to EXPLOIT citizens even after her corrupt husband left office.

Maggie or her corrupt husband haven't been dumping their PERSONAL money into charity all these years. Even though they can clearly afford their own security, they chose to have TAXPAYERS pay for it. That speaks volumes to me about Maggie Daley's so-called "charity." She had no hesitation to benefit at our expense.

So, I'd like to THANK Openline for presenting reality.

Lastly, I would STRONGLY agree with Mr. Mathews comment above. Matt Harrington keeps trying to take advantage of the system for his personal gain. I suggest he consider moving back to Chicago and run for mayor. Maybe Daley will endorse him!

Anonymous said...

It is truley sickening the way the media portrays Maggie Daley as a saint. Those who actually had to work with her know otherwise. She is often described as being worse than her husband. She treated people like shit all the time. She was low just like the rest of the family. She would cus you out at the top of her lungs just as soon as look at you because she thought so highly of herself and felt she was so much better than everyone else. Queen Maggie for sure!! just as horrible and even worse than her husband in treating people and taking advantage of her position to rip off the taxpayers and travel the world on our dime, with a "required" two bathroom suite or else someone would have to pay!

What a world we live in that the worst of the worst are portrayed as saints in the media.


Anonymous said...

I am a pilot and watched how Rich and Maggie Daley used their official and political power to destroy Meigs Field on that tragic night.

My brother's company was "forced" to donate to After School Matters, the so-called charity for Maggie Daley, in order to do business with the City of Chicago.

The Daley's, including Maggie, have used and exploited their position, power and the public trust for their gain and their friends.

Cancer hits good and bad people, rich and poor, powerful and powerless. My wife works at Northwestern, where Maggie Daley would come for her visits. Mrs. Daley expected and demanded to be treated special, like royalty and she got it. Because in Chicago, with her dictator husband, you know things will be very complicated unless you have the mayor's blessing.

Maggie Daley was definitely not special and the Daley family are some of the biggest thugs in American history. I have sympathy for her grandchildren who lost a family member just like anyone else, but to portray her as someone who was charitable or one of the great people of our time is flat out wrong and not true.

Most of the public that falls for the idea Maggie Daley was a great person is why most of the public votes for so many of the buffoons we have in political office.

Anonymous said...

So what is the difference between eh Daley's and the Weisner's except the magnitude of the coercion used to fund their philanthropic lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

Hey Harrington, why don't you try walking up to Matthews and telling him that you think he is an asshole to his face? I would love to be there when he bitch slaps that stupid grin of our off our smug, arrogant face.


Anonymous said...

Allen, you got that right. It would be one very short conversation. And I would love to see it. Harrington is one slimy dude.