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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Naperville City Council Ends Red-Light Camera Scheme as Studies Show Priority is Profit Over Public Safety

As more studies demonstrate the priority of profit over public safety across the nation, Justin Kmitch reports the Naperville City Council has voted to end the controversial red-light camera scheme.

On January 3, 2012, cameras will be turned off at three intersections, all on or near the border with Aurora:

* Rt. 59 and Diehl Road

* Rt. 59 and North Aurora Road (Indian Trail)

* Rt. 59 and Ogden Avenue (Rt. 34)

The actual cameras will be removed later in 2012 when construction work begins on widening Rt. 59.

One viewer, who lives near Rt. 59, said:

"Drivers from Naperville and Aurora will no longer be exploited at these particular intersections.  Naperville has found these cameras are enriching the red-light camera company, not itself and the public safety impact is controversial and disputed, so they are making the right decision to end them."

"This was always about money with the public safety excuse.  Let's hope other nearby communities end their schemes, too."

Neither Joe Groom of the Aurora Police Department, one of the proponents of exploiting taxpayers for public safety, nor Dan Ferrelli, the highly-paid spokesman, could be reached for comment on the red-light camera scheme.


Anonymous said...

This is great! Aurora should get the hint!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in the Daily Herald story (you know, the one Openline swiped this story from), the city people claim that the cameras were successful in reducing accidents, but never quoted a single statistic. In fact, the story says that at the end of 3 years they were required to study and show that the cameras were increasing safety and to justify keeping them. I guess instead of showing the increased safety, they pulled the cameras. The only logical conclusion is there really was no increase in safety.

Anonymous said...

You have to be a fool to believe that the city cares about public safety.

Anonymous said...

So why are they waiting til January. Turn the cameras off now.

Anonymous said...

Why is is ok for the cities to PROFIT with these cameras, while it is EVIL for corporations to profit? What the hell is going on in AMREIKA? Every city that installed these cameras stated it was for safety not PROFIT. Guess all pissant beaureaucrats are LIARS. The truth comes out. Get rid of these cameras entirely, or get rid of the dolts that want them.

Anonymous said...

The only people caught by the red lights camera in Naperville were citizen of Naperville.

for the first comment that Aurora should get the hint if they did no one in Aurora would get a ticket like Naperville, a sergeant would show up at each and every stop and make sure no one from that city received A ticket.

in other words quite bitching till you know what you are talking about.