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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quinn Replaces Bill Morris from Illinois Tollway Board After He Spoke Out Against Massive Toll Increases; Replaces With Union Leader

Former Waukegan Mayor and Aurora resident Bill Morris was taken off the Illinois Tollway Board by Gov. Pat Quinn and instead replaced by a labor union official.

Leaving aside the obvious conflict-of-interest with a labor union official being on the board at the same time the tollway is dishing out billions in construction contracts, former board member Bill Morris says it's clear the Governor and his people didn't like Morris speaking out against the recent massive toll increases.

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, who is on the Illinois Tollway Board, voted in favor of the toll increases.

Morris says that these increases did not have to be so massive.  Quinn denies that he removed Morris for speaking out, but sources say that Morris was highly critical of the process to ram through a massive toll increase, which would cost most people hundreds of dollars per year more than they already pay.


Anonymous said...

And the EVIL UNION corruption continues to metastasise in politics. Hopefully it will be excised soon by more inteligent voting.

Anonymous said...

Now if Quinn can replace a Tollway Board member, why can't Tom Wiesner replace AHA Board members?

Anonymous said...

Quinn is scry, pretends to be a populist bumpkin but is masterfully extracting our dollars from our possession to his. And 60 percent of illinoisans go along with this! Scary!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:18AM, Weisner won't replace the board because he's the one that appointed those bootlickers in the first place. It would embarrass him and make him look like he's a bad judge of character and can't control the people that swore to him b/f he chose them they would remain loyal to him. Politics is f'in ugly!