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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Should Illinois Give Millions in Tax Breaks to Avoid Sears and CME Group From Leaving Illinois?

After the Illinois Senate passed legislation giving tax breaks to Sears and CME Group as incentives to stay in Illinois, the Illinois House rejected the legislation.

Even before recent tax increases, Illinois has not been a business-friendly climate due to tax policy, debt and public labor costs.

However, since those tax increases, companies are not kidding about moving out of state.

Should Illinois provide tax breaks to Sears and/or CME Group?

"The best way to attract business again to Illinois is throw the political mafia that has screwed up this state financially out" said one viewer.

"Then, we can put a system back in place that is fair to everyone, it's not about who's who or this or that deal, perk or favor."


Anonymous said...

Fine, let them move out of state. If you give special tax breaks to these companies, other companies will try to hold Illinois hostage as well. If Sears is serious about moving out, I would like to see all Illinoians boycott it and refuse to buy anything from it or use any of its services. Illinois consumers can play the hostage game as well.

Anonymous said...

As much as I don't want to see them move, let them go.

Maybe it will force the state to finally create a business-friendly climate.

Anonymous said...

SCREW THESE TAX BREAKS - No state or government should give tax breaks - THAT IS WHY WE ARE BROKE.

Anonymous said...

We should let Sears and CME leave on ONE condition. They must take Madigan and the rest of the Illinois/Chicago political buffoons with them!

We need elected officials who will fix the mess!

ddddc said...

9:22-We are broke because our state elects to trade votes for welfare, handouts, Link cards, Sports stadiums, crazy elected official pensions, and more. Government should get back to roads, schools(non Fed. regulated)Snow removal, Police/Fire and get out of all the Government Mandated Charity. We are weak so the businesses have the upper hand. Do what it takes to keep the businesses here, reform this state, and then negotiate from a position of strength!