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Monday, December 12, 2011

60 Minutes | Interview with President Barack Obama

During a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday with Steve Kroft, President Barack Obama blamed Congress and the problems underway for the lousy progress during his Presidency and declared "it doesn't really matter" who the nominee is for Republicans for President in 2012.

He renewed his focus on class warfare ("tax the rich") also claimed most Americans think the stimulus packages worked well.

And watch Mitt Romney's campaign ad in response to last night's interview:



Anonymous said...

OH please, please give me another term to fuck up this country even more. I haven't gotten near enough socialism installed yet. I need to spend at least another 100 trillion that we don't have and then blame the rich millionares and tax them. By the way did you know that since I was elected I am one of those millionares along with most of congress and oh yes my lovely wife Michelle. Please give me more time as I havent ruined this country enough. We must continue turning it over to the UN and get rid of that evil Isreal too. And lets let in some more Illegals you just know how they like to vote for socializm. Why just look at the countries they come from and their political leanings. You know just how successful I have been just look at how I personally killed OSAMA. One Big Ass Mistake America.....OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

I only WISH that Obama was a him what he is - a moderate coporatist. Right-wingers have become so extreme that even moderation looks leftist to them. Be that as it may, you'll still be calling him "President Obama" for four more years.

Anonymous said...

obonzo hasn't a clue. He surrounds himself with inept "czar's" and radical socialists, but he knows exactly how he is destroying this country. The only question is whether voters will let it continue.