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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aurora City Council Votes 11-1 to Resume Wild Spending Habits and Rely on Taxpayers to Pay the Bills for 2012

Quick...what do you do as Mayor and/or a City Council member when your city government has been engulfed in a fiscal crisis with reverse economic development, sinking casino revenues, squandering the "good times" and going on a six year wild spending spree, raising taxes and fees and shoving hundreds of millions of debt onto taxpayers?

Well, for 2012, if you are talking about the City of Aurora, Illinois, instead of learning your lessons, you plan to INCREASE spending by millions in a $358 million budget.

On Tuesday, the Aurora City Council approved Mayor Tom Weisner's 2012 budget 11-1 to increase spending and costs to taxpayers.

Alderman Rick Lawrence, who has consistently been the only city council member to protect taxpayers, voted against the budget.

Meanwhile, Alderman Stephanie Kifowit, who's various votes on the budget can be directly traced to her political motivations of the moment, flip-flopped and praised the wild spending budget because she has been seeking the support of Weisner for her so-called campaign for state representative in a district she doesn't live in.

Before and during her mayoral campaign, Kifowit has repeatedly trashed and called Weisner "corrupt, vile and irresponsible" along with he's the poster child for "leadership that doesn't listen."

However, apparently if she's trying to gain political support for her selfish ambitions, she's willing to trade a vote for the budget and to hell with her constituents and taxpayers of the city.

Finance Chairman Bob O'Connor, one of the chronic offenders of the wild spending habits of the city, praised himself and others for attending meetings...something they are supposed to do and get paid extra for by taxpayers.

Lawrence says the budget is a reflection of bad policy and failure by the administration to change the business model for city government.

"Aurora taxpayers should not have to keep writing checks to underwrite the same failed way of doing business.  It's our responsibility as elected officials to put Aurora's taxpayers first.  This budget is once again putting everything else first and expecting taxpayers to pay for it," said Lawrence.

City spokesgirl Carie Ergo said "we are spending more money in 2012 primarily due to labor costs."

When asked why the administration isn't cutting further given the ongoing fiscal crisis, she responded "we expect increases in revenue from taxes."


Anonymous said...

Labor costs? Labor costs? Ins't that what is causing Greece and most of Europes problems? Too high pissant pay and too high retirements? Yet the bozos at city hall think it won't happen here. Damn them, and their stupidity. Spending a million dollars a day for what, evil union contracts and paying off frineds!

Anonymous said...

evil unions evil unions evil unions.... Lets always blame it on the evil unions. PLEASE! GROW UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

WTF....The City is increasing it's spending when just about every other municipality is cutting their their spending?????

Anonymous said...

"But City Chief of Staff Carie Anne Ergo said Mayor Tom Weisner has aggressively cut spending "

Spending 18 million more this year then last year is considered a cut in spending, and Alderman Lawrence is the one that doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Those evil unions brought us the 40 hour work week, paid vacations, health benefits and safe working conditions, among other things. It's no coincidence that the decline of these benefits, the loss of US jobs and the diminishing middle class have come about in the same interval as the conservative war on unions. But go ahead righties, just keep voting against your own economic self interests. The Chinese love you for that.

Anonymous said...

the mayor and his so-called aides apparently and the 11 incompetent city council members can't do basic math. They claim they are cutting spending while INCREASING it.

they obviously don't care because they are just spending MY money.

throw these bums out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kifowit is such a hypocrite. She campaigned for mayor saying all this spending was wrong. Now, she needs Tommy's help because Linda Chapa is helping Alex Arroyo, so she's willing to be a political whore to agree with the same Weisner she hates. She would be a terrible state rep. She truly is a narcissist, it's all about what's best for her.

Anonymous said...

just heard the mayor said last night "Carie Anne Ergo carries a lot of weight around here."

anyone who's seen her will understand how hilarious that is!

Anonymous said...

If Rick Lawrence is protecting the taxpayer, he has been a failure. He has yet to win one for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers have to stand behind him. We have to stand up to what is going on also. Hopefully the mayor will not be re-elected.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The residents of Aurora remind me of the residents that live in D131. Complain, post on blogs but never show up to school board meetings, vote in elections, or just vote for names they are familiar with. Complaining and posting on blogs will not get the job done people. Everyone needs to be part of the solution, not the problem as in this City.

Anonymous said...

The bearded leader what a guy.
Makes us laugh, makes us cry.
Gets what he wants, come hell or high water
Cause in his own mind there is nobody smarter.

"Second to none" the battle cry, and how true this has proven to be.
At deceit and manipulation few are better than he.

Got elected mayor, twice as a matter of fact
Cause naive voters bought his act

Shame on you, shame on me
If we let this clown make it three.

Anonymous said...

Lets do some simple math. Didn't I see the firemans wages posted on here a while ago. Some of the chiefs made $150,000 divide that by 52 weeks. Thats almost $3000.00 a WEEK pay. Rick Lawerence can vote no allday. Actions speak louder than votes.

Anonymous said...

Where was Rick Lawrence during the budget review meetings with each department? NOT THERE! Other alderman showed up and asked questions, but where was Waldo. So his no vote at the end of the process is meaningless! If he really gives a shit why doesn't he show up when he can have an impact and ask all the "tough" questions that his minions on this blog would like answered?

Anonymous said...

WISH I had a million dollars a day to appease the EVIL UNIONS.

Anonymous said...

5:12 - oh plese. Here is the reality. The two sources of all evil in Aurora are:


One the Council you have:


All of whom are committed to Government expansion and the unions.

Talking too any of them is like talking to a wall, so why waste your time. Until the people vote those 7 out, nothing will change.

We could have eliminated 3 of them this spring and we failed to do so. So we get the status quo.

Our best hope is Lawrence runs for Mayor and wins.

Anonymous said...

If Lawrence is our best hope, we have no hope at all. First of course is the question of whether he'd have the guts to stay in the race. I sure wouldn't have enough confidence in that to support him. Then there's the point that he pisses too many people off unnecessarily. Yes, there are times when his abrasiveness is good, and just what I'd do as well. BUT I really think if Rick had a choice between working cooperatively on an issue and being guaranteed of success, and being abrasive and being guaranteed of failure, he'd choose the second.