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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beacon-News Sold AGAIN | Sun-Times Saga Latest Chapter

For our local viewers in the Chicago suburbs such as Aurora and Naperville, the latest twist in the saga of the Chicago Sun-Times will impact local community papers such as the Beacon-News and Naperville Sun.

An investment group with plenty of old money and SOME sense of technology is purchasing the Sun-Times and 39 community papers.

The Beacon-News, which converted to a tabloid as we predicted months before it did despite their denials, has undergone various changes.  Gone are some of the incompetent editorial staff and reporters such as Mike Cetera, Dave Parro, Andre Salles.  There are still some leftover bad writers there, such as Matt Hanley.

However, they have some hope.  The new City Hall beat reporter Stephanie Lulay, when she focuses on reporting the facts and what's really going on at Aurora's City Hall, is a much better writer than Cetera, Parro and Salles put together.  We don't fully understand what Denise Crosby says most of the time, but at least she's a good writer.

But, they along with the Sun-Times are also planning to charge for online content, a move that could backfire and make their situation worse, not better.

As we have shared with our viewers before, OpenlineBlog had extensive discussions previously about taking over the Beacon-News, but after reviewing the situation along with the entire Sun-Times portfolio, we determined it resembled the Titanic.  Later, they declared bankruptcy.

Now, with new owners that have SOME idea of technology, we can only hope the Beacon-News is among those that survive the next chapter.  Contrary to what some may have thought, we are not in competition with the Beacon-News...we want them to survive and fix their mess.

We look forward to seeing what happens and see if they survive the next chapter of their saga.


Anonymous said...

Openline of course will never be sold -- and will never buy any paper. Because he would have to come out of hiding and identify himself. True journalistic entities publish who the owner, publisher, editor, reporters, etc. are. That would be easy for Openline, because it's all one name. You notice in the "Behind the Blog" section it doesn't list the Founder, but tries to claim Steve Jobs as a co founder, and "The Google Guys". Steve Jobs didn't even know (or care) this blog existed. And the Google Guys had nothing to do w/ this specific blog, they just set up a system where ANYONE could start a blog. No, Openline will never be sold -- but he has already sold out. Just look at how many posts have been about selling books for Amazon, pushing videos, etc. that have nothing to do w/ news. Just remember, for something to be bought/sold, it has to have value.

Anonymous said...

Lulay is doing a good job of exposing the incompetence and ongoing corruption of Christina Campos at the Aurora Township.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on - Their facebook page has a total of 65 likes -

Openline is changing the world - 65 people at a time.

Anonymous said...

Lulay is a child with no journalistic integrity - period. Of course the Herald is even worse than the Beacon. Any paper that would employ Salles has no integrity (he left them no vice versa0.