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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

City of Aurora Will Redraw Ward Boundaries | Is It Time to Eliminate Alderman-at-Large Positions?

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner has created a "special committee" to make recommendations on redrawing the ward map for the City of Aurora, but two of those members could--or should have a conflict of interest.

After Census 2010 and the law requiring equal population distribution for the city's 10 wards, each ward would be expand from about 14,200 to 19,800 residents.

There are 12 city council members, not 10.  That's because 2 are Alderman-at-Large positions, currently occupied by Bob O'Connor, the perennial wild spending finance chairman and Richard Irvin, who's run twice for mayor and apparently seeking a Congressional seat.

O'Connor and Irvin are included on the mayor's "special committee" to determine ward boundaries, but some are saying that their positions should be phased out at the expiration of their current terms, leaving the city with 10 city council members to represent 10 wards.

The members of the "special committee" include five city council members and four residents:

  • Juany Garza, Ward 2 Alderman
  • Mike Saville, Ward 6 Alderman
  • Lynda Elmore, Ward 10 Alderman
  • Richard Irvin, Alderman-at-Large
  • Bob O'Connor, Alderman-at-Large
  • Courtney Wade, Ward 1 Resident
  • Juan Reyna, Ward 3 Resident
  • Gloria Bunce, Ward 5 Resident
  • Manuel Cordero, Ward 8 Resident

So, is it necessary to have two alderman-at-large positions?

Do we need 10 wards, the maximum allowed by law?

How many total city council members are effective?

How should the new boundaries be redrawn?


Anonymous said...

both our current alderman-at-large members are totally useless

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the most politically active Ward in the city has no Representation. Also interesting that Elmore is the only Council person who is not an idiotic useless douche on the committee.

Anonymous said...

this committee speaks volumes about why Weisner is unfit to be mayor.

not only he ignored the 4th ward completely, but he has put chronically incompetent folks on this committee.

does juany garza even know her own ward boundaries?

Anonymous said...

Beacon charging a monthly fee for internet access........HA! Requiescat in pace.

Anonymous said...

1. It's time to eliminate the At-Large positions. 10 wards, 10 aldermen.

2. I'm amused that Openline apparently didn't read his own post. His survey included an option of converting from 10 wards to 12 -- but his own post said that 10 was the legal maximum.

3. As for the Beacon, I subscribed last night to the Beacon for Kindle. I'll see what I think over the next two weeks (14 day free trial). If I decide to keep it, it's only $1.99 a month. Doesn't give me all the same content as the print or on-line versions, but gives me the sections I ever looked at, anyway.

Anonymous said...

we should immediately eliminate the alderman-at-large positions. these two (O'Connor and Irvin) are a total waste of my taxdollars, but not sure that even if you had someone competent in the position, it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I called Bob O'Connor once about a problem and he told me to ask my alderman, so I asked him, aren't YOU my alderman, too? He didn't answer.

Eliminate these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Openline what happened with my ward 7? Has it been eliminated? Also what about war 4? I do not see that listed either.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight, ALDERMAN RICHARD IRVIN is not running for Congress.

Anonymous said...

Who is courney wade

Anonymous said...

Several alderman, are also out of the loop. Actually, it depends upon what issues are important to them. Please don't let them be up for re-election or running for office.OMG

Anonymous said...

Seems to me there should be 11 instead of 9 on the committee so there could be 1 person from each ward, and a "neutral" at-large chairman, and the residents should outnumber the aldermen.