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Friday, December 09, 2011

Illinois Judge Rules Against So-Called Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Privacy of Gun Owners

In a victory for advocates of gun-rights, a judge has ruled the Illinois State Police cannot release the names of 1.3 million firearm owner identification (FOID) cardholders.

So-called Attorney General Lisa Madigan had issued an "opinion" saying the names and personal information of cardholders should be public.  The same Lisa Madigan allowed the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) law to be weakened last year so that state and local government entities would have an easier time hiding information from the public.

The judge's order also prevents the release of anyone who has applied, been died, had a card expired or revoked.  It prohibits police from also releasing information about requests for verification of FOID cards from gun dealers.

Lisa Madigan had no comment on the ruling.

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Anonymous said...

What is "been died"?