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Thursday, December 15, 2011

National Alert | Urge Congress to Reject Censorship and Proposed SOPA Legislation or Innovation, Freedom and the Future of the Internet Could Crash

OpenlineBlog joins Google, Facebook, Twitter and many of the nation's entrepreneurs, technology and new media companies to alert our viewers of the attempt by some in Congress to pass SOPA legislation that could destroy the internet and freedom.

The legislation would give power to some and government to knock out sites from YouTube to Facebook to Google to Twitter...and to criminalize anyone who dares to "share" anything that could be be considered "copyright" under the dysfunctional copyright laws.

For example, suppose you take a video of your kids dancing to a popular song...under the proposed legislation, that would qualify as a FELONY for posting it and the ability to KILL the site where it's posted (i.e. YouTube).

Old media companies and old publishing companies are among those pushing for the legislation because they don't like technology companies and the PUBLIC from having the ability to share content with each other.  They would prefer the old monopolistic ways where access was limited and they could profit.

Contact your member of Congress and President Barack Obama to REJECT the abuse of laws and efforts to micromanage and restrict your freedom of the internet.

NOTE:  Some of the companies and groups pushing for the legislation to destroy the internet and promote censorship include:

AFTRA – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
AFM – American Federation of Musicians
AAP – Association of American Publishers
BMG Chrysalis
CBS Corporation
Cengage Learning
DGA – Directors Guild of America
Disney Publishing Worldwide, Inc.
EMI Music Publishing
Graphic Artists Guild
Hachette Book Group
HarperCollins Publishers L.L.C.
IATSE – International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Major League Baseball
Marvel Entertainment, LLC
McGraw-Hill Education
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media
NFL – National Football League
National Music Publishers’ Association
News Corporation
New York Production Alliance
New York State AFL-CIO
Pearson Education
Penguin Group (USA), Inc.
The Perseus Books Group
Producers Guild of America East
Random House
Reed Elsevier
SAG – Screen Actors Guild
Scholastic, Inc.
Silvercup Studios
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Sony Music Entertainment
Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Time Warner Inc.
United States Tennis Association
Universal Music Group
Universal Music Publishing Group
Warner Music Group
W.W. Norton & Company
Wolters Kluwer


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the "old guard" are the only ones that want to profit from distributing the materials that they produced. What about the "new media" like Openline who want to profit by distributing the materials that OTHERS produce. How unfair to not be able to just take what someone else has put the work into producing w/o paying them for it. Talk about limiting innovation -- why would I bother writing a song or producing some kind of video when I knew that I'd never be able to be paid for it, because everybody could just take it and show it/play it for free?

And Openline can't claim to be doing some kind of public service here in posting other people's videos, etc. Openline's making money off advertising, pushing books for Amazon, etc.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was the future of the internet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More liberal government intrusion into our lives. It will end with the total collapse of our country. Just look at congress. Don't they appear to know much better than you how to run your life? Ha.

Anonymous said...

For all you Rush haters out there this is exactly the thing he has been talking about for the past 20 years. He predicted it that long ago. So just continue to think he is stupid while the country goes down the sewer. Or may be listen for yourself and not to your friend that repeats a mantra of how dumb Rush is. He is and has been RIGHT,RIGHT, RIGHT, for all this time. If you had listened for yourself we would not have this JERK for a president.

Anonymous said...

And how would Rush react if somebody set up a website that consisted of taking his shows, putting them on their site for people to watch and charged them a subscription fee or sold advertising on the site, without Rush's permission and without giving him a cut of the profits? He'd want to sue their butt off.

As far as being right, even a broken clock is right twice a day. He'd be right more often if he actually checked his facts before he spouted off. The problem is, we really don't know what guys like him and Beck believe. They both choose what to say based on what's going to please their audience the most and draw the most attention to themselves. And before you start accusing me of liberal bias, the same goes for Olbermann and most of the people on MSNBC and Fox.

Anonymous said...

the only reason SOCIAL media has taken off (including blogs) is because of the ability to share.

If some content creator has their stuff put on YouTube and someone is profiting from it, there's ALREADY steps in place thanks to an already draconian copyright law that is routinely abused by old media.

For example, FAIR USE should include discussion of a video, song, highlight or whatever.

These NEW laws would threaten to take down YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of sites without any proof.

I'm totally against SOPA. Technology and new media companies are one of the few areas of growth we've seen in recent years and are responsible for incredible innovation. If we kill any of it and our freedoms at the same time, we might as well kill our nation.

Anonymous said...

This SOPA legislation is all about old media monopolists using Congress to score points against technology and new media because they couldn't compete in the marketplace.

Anonymous said...

You're right. New media like Openline have really innovated -- the technique of copy & paste. Much easier to do that than to actually create something of their own. Why bother to hire investigative reporters, and actually dig facts out themselves, when you can just copy & paste it from the very "old media" that you are attacking at every turn?

Anonymous said...

What's REALLY hilarious is Openline trying to rally the public to fight censorship. This coming from the blogger who FREQUENTLY removes comments that make valid points contrary to Openline's opinions. Posts that use no offensive language, that do not personally attack anyone but that show the fallacy of Openline's arguments. (In fact, I've NEVER seen an offensive, potentially defamatory post removed by Openline). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you went to you end up here. Or