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Monday, December 05, 2011

US Postal Service Plans to Slow Delivery Service Instead of Speeding Up Reform and Change

The United States Postal Service is planning to slow down "snail mail" and increase the time it takes to deliver mail instead of making bold reforms to its business model.

Some say this is a step in the wrong direction.  They are simply going to accelerate their decline because even those who do use mail for various purposes will try to find alternate ways (i.e. online) of getting things from Point A to B faster.  So, the problem of declining postal volume will get worse by this move.

The USPS has multiple problems, mostly involving large labor, pension and benefit costs along with an antiquated system in many areas.

"The real solution is to reduce labor costs, change the delivery schedules, not the processing and diversify the post office so it's more like a FedEx Kinko's or UPS Store than just a post office" said one observer.

What's your solution to the fixing the postal mess?


Anonymous said...

They are going to make the situation worse if they do this. They need to realize the marketplace wants more speed, not less speed. The whole reason email is used instead of mail is due speed.

Postal service reminds me of the newspaper industry and people who think libraries should still have books.

Anonymous said...

The head of the USPS is trying to do what he can to cut the huge deficit. The items mentioned in the article (changing schedules, dropping the stupid full pre-funding of retirement health care that congress made a requirement, etc.) are needed, but require congressional action. And you know how long that is going to take. The USPS could end up bankrupt before then. Getting something a day later isn't going to make a significant difference to the vast majority of people. Anybody assuming overnight delivery for basic rates, which the USPS never guaranteed anyway, is an idiot. And there are a lot of people who still prefer to get something in writing rather than an e-mail, even if it's a day later.

Anonymous said...

More proof that the government cannot run anything without throwing huge sums of taxdollars at it. And you want them to run your healthcare???????????? This is a preview of things to come. Wait til they start cutting hospitals and services.