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Monday, January 16, 2012

Aurora Township Hires Firm to Hire HR Manager to Hire People...Why Do We Still Have Township Government?

The ongoing controversy with Aurora Township government took a twist when the board voted to hire Naperville-based Sikich at $120 per hour for up to 15 hours to sort out candidates to hire an HR manager to, uh, hire people.

The convoluted process is a reaction to Aurora Township Supervisor Christina Campos firing the previous HR manager and trying to hire a different candidate.

But, the bigger question is why do we still have township governments in urban areas wasting so much resources and taxpayer funds?

With or without the controversy at Aurora Township, we say it's time to eliminate ALL government entities that fail to provide a return on the investment of taxdollars.


Anonymous said...

We still have township government because it serves the political class well, and the voters are too dumb to vote them out. It gives the lower class beaureaucrats a place to start to get their foot in the door spending the public dollars and providing a salary and retirement for people who otherwise would not qualify for a job. Just look how far up the ladder good ol Whitey has risen. A total incompetent now able to retire with two or three public pensions. I say close the townships and save the taxpayer monies.

Anonymous said...

time to end her reign of error.

Anonymous said...

Time to end the township level of government period. It was a good old boys network when Wiggens was chair. The entire purpose for which township government was originally intended as run it's course.

Anonymous said...

Lazy bastdards can't even do their own jobs. That way nobody can be blaimed for their incompitence. Get rid of the TOWNSHIP FORM OF government now.