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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Downer Place Bridge in Aurora Falling Down...Is It Time to Change Downtown Aurora Streets to Two-Way?

As preparations are underway to replace the Downer Place bridge in downtown Aurora over the Fox River, one of the temporary changes will include converting Benton Street from one-way (eastbound) to two-way traffic between Broadway and River Street.

So, the question many of our viewers have been asking is why not make Benton and other streets such as New York and Galena two-way all the time?

For visitors to Aurora, including those coming from Naperville, one of the chief complaints is navigating the roads into downtown with the two-way streets that turn into one-way.

What long-term changes would you like to see to the traffic patterns through and surrounding downtown Aurora that would make it easier to navigate?

As for the Downer Place bridge, the process to tear it down begins February 6th at a cost to taxpayers of $7,830,000.

In addition, taxpayers will pay $70,000 for "rain gardens" as part of another "green scheme" to be installed at the corners of Downer and Stolp to collect storm water and make it difficult for snow removal trucks to properly plow the intersection in the future.

City spokesgirl Carie Ergo pointed out the $70,000 comes from a "grant" from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

When asked where the IEPA gets funds from, she acknowledged "oh, taxpayers."


Anonymous said...

The Downer Street bridges are over a hundred years old. Is openline opposed to the repair? Yes, repair. We are rebuilding them on the old foundations because there is no need to start over.

Rain gardens a "green scheme ?" Is an eco-system a scheme? If so, God is the schemer.

Yes the $70,000 grant is taxpayer money, but would you rather it went to another town?

There has been serious opposition to changing the streets to one way even though every study we have done for the past 20 years has recommended it. If this is to happen, there will have to be a real grass roots movement.

Anonymous said...

Any project conected to"green" will ultimately cost the taxayer a lot of money. Ie: Solendra, Volt etc.

Anonymous said...

If on-street parking was eliminated, then changing to two way streets would make sense. The original idea of one way streets was to improve traffic flow through the downtown area. As it is, there are two lanes always available. If the streets are changed back to two way, and on-street parking is allowed, only one lane in each direction will be available. Traffic will have to stop for anyone who wants to park. Have you ever watched a senora try to parallel park a minivan?

Anonymous said...

7 Million for a bridge?? Might be reasonable but who are the contractors?
And how did they get the contract?

7:38 you represent the reason under liberals we will never as a nation be able to live within our means.


Anonymous said...

7:27 Calling someone else names is an admission that your argument is weak.

No, I'm not 7:38.

Anonymous said...

Good point 12:56. Oh, yes,7:27, we lived so much better within our means when that hyper-liberal team of Bush/Cheney/Hastert were running the country. We had a deficit then -- not even counting the money being spent in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember that little trick? Not counting expenditures in the budget? "Oh, that's separate."

Anonymous said...

7:38 is a fag named Nelson

Anonymous said...

12:21 must be speaking from personal knowledge. When does the civil union take place?